Installing Yotpo SMS & Email on Shopify

      Installing Yotpo SMS & Email on Shopify

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        Yotpo SMS & Email is a top-notch marketing solution designed for Shopify stores. With its advanced features, it's a standout choice in the market. It helps businesses make the most of SMS and email channels, boosting engagement and driving sales effortlessly.

        In this article, you'll learn how to install the Yotpo SMS & Email app in several easy steps.

        Before you start

        To use Yotpo SMS & Email's features, you need a Shopify store account.

        To install the Yotpo SMS & Email app:

        1. Head over to the Shopify app store page and type in “Yotpo Email Marketing & SMS” in the search bar.
        2. From the search results list, click Yotpo Email Marketing & SMS.
        3. Click Install to integrate the app with Shopify.
          Please note:
          You need to log in to your Shopify account to start the installation.

        4. View details on what the Yotpo app will have access to and then click Install to finalize the installation.
        5. Click Get Started. You'll be taken to Yotpo's page to create an account.
        6. Enter your store's name and create a password. Click Create account.
        7. Next, you must decide whether to use SMS and Email or SMS only.
        8. Complete the account setup and click Next. This will lead you to our quick onboarding, where you’ll get acquainted with some of Yotpo SMS & Email's main features.
        9. When ready, click Finish to start using the app.

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