How to Set Up and Use OneClickUpsell in Yotpo SMS & Email

      How to Set Up and Use OneClickUpsell in Yotpo SMS & Email

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        When OneClickUpsell is integrated with the Yotpo SMS & Email app, you will be able to recover abandoned carts with Abandoned Checkout by automating remarketing text messages to customers who’ve abandoned their OneClickUpsell checkouts.

        Please note:
        If you are using the new OneClickUpsell app (blue icon), the integration between YotpoSMSBump and OneClickUpsell is automatic and no further action is required from you. This integration is required only for users of the old OneClickUpsell app (green icon).

        Configuring OCU and Yotpo SMS & Email

        Follow the steps below to sync One Click Upsell with Yotpo SMS & Email.

        1. From the SMSBump side menu, click on Integrations and then select One Click Upsell.
          Read over the app’s features and then click on Configure.
          The OneClickUpsell should have already been installed in your Shopify store prior to this step.
        2. Click on Authorize to confirm you agree to the access and sharing of data between the two apps.
          smsbump-one-click-upsell-zipify-shopify-integrationGreat job! OCU is now integrated with YotpoSMSBump. You can enable or disable it anytime from the dropdown menu.
        3. Click on Go to automations to launch your abandoned cart automation.

        Creating an SMS Automation with OCU

        Creating a new automation with the OCU integration is very simple and can help contribute to higher sales and greater customer engagement. Follow the steps below to start recovering abandoned cart orders and informing customers of confirmed new orders.

        1. You should now be on the Automation page. Click the Create new automation button.
        2. Under the Event dropdown choose One Click Upsell Abandoned Checkout
        3. After selecting One Click Upsell Abandoned Checkout from the event dropdown, give your automation an appropriate name under Event Name.
        4. Under Notify select Customer as they will be the ones receiving the abandoned cart text message.
        5. Next, you can set a delay for your automation messages.
          When the delay is disabled, SMSBump automatically sends the text after 5 minutes.
          When enabled, you can select to Send the text after a minimum of 5 minutes up to 7 days using the dropdown menus.
          For best results, we recommend setting the delay to either 1 hour or 1 day.
        6. If your automation is being sent out to U.S recipients only you will be able to attach an image or GIF by uploading an image from your computer or selecting one from Pexels or a GIF from Giphy.
        7. When you select Send a grid of product images (U.S. recipients only), customers will receive a text message with a grid of up to 9 products they abandoned in their cart. Learn more.
        8. Under Text use the short-codes available to write the text message customers will receive. {OnelickUpsellCheckoutUrl} is the most important short-code which will lead customers to their unique checkout link.
          Keep in mind the following when writing your text message:
          • Emojis decrease the character count to 70.
          • Standard SMS is 160 characters. If you exceed the limit, the SMS counter will show you how many texts you will send.
          • Attached images or GIFs (U.S only) allow for 1600 characters.
        9. Click on the Test Event Message button to send a test text message to yourself before launching the automation. Your number should display, but you can also Add more test numbers. Click on OK to send the test message.smsbump-send-test-message-ocu
          Test messages will show the raw short codes, not the dynamic values customers will see.
        10. If you are happy with how the text message looks like, click on Save to launch the automation.

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