Importing Email Subscribers

      Importing Email Subscribers

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        Import subscriber emails to use in your campaigns. You can import subscribers, for example, to pull in subscribers from third-party vendors, like email service providers (ESPs). You can import email subscribers to an existing list, or to a new list in the Lists & Segments section.

        Please note:
        For compliance and regulatory measures, include only emails of users that opted into email subscriptions, and remove all other users. Click here for more information about CAN-SPAM.

        Preparing the CSV file

        The import feature uses a CSV (comma-separated values) file formatted in the required format.

        Download a sample file.
        In the CSV file, enter the following details:

        • Phone
        • First Name
        • Last Name
        • Email (mandatory)
        • Country

        Importing the CSV file

        To import emails:

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Audience > Lists & Segments.
        2. To create a new list, click Create new
        3. For Type, choose List, and enter a unique name for your list. Click Create.

        1. In your new or existing list, click the 3-dot menu, and then Import.
        2. In the Import Contacts box, select the confirmation checkbox to agree that all contacts explicitly opt-in to receive SMS and Email marketing communication.

        1. In the Import from CSV box, click Import.

        1. Choose the CSV file, and select Import Email subscribers. Click Import.
        2. In the new or updated list, click View to open the list, and then open the Email tab.

        Please note:
        The import process may take a few moments to complete. If you don't see the updated number of emails in list view, or all the subscribers in the list, refresh the page.

        Removing subscribers

        To remove subscribers:

        1. Click View to see subscribers in the list.
        2. Open the Email tab to view email subscribers. To remove a subscriber, click the trash can.

        You can now use your list of imported subscribers in campaigns.

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