Importing Photos and Videos to Visual UGC

      Importing Photos and Videos to Visual UGC

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        Yotpo allows you to collect user-generated photos and videos from reviews, Instagram, and on-site uploads, and showcase them through your on-site Custom Gallery and/or Product Gallery widgets. 

        In this article, you'll learn how to import your existing user-generated photos and videos when migrating to Yotpo Visual UGC from a different platform.

        Importing user-generated photos and videos

        Please note:
        Importing videos is available only on Premium and Enterprise plans

        To import existing user-generated photos and videos to Yotpo:

        Download the import file:

        1. Add your data to the file per the guidelines below.
        2. Reach out to Yotpo support and provide your completed photo/video import file.
        3. Yotpo's support team will import the photos and videos for you and update you once they're fully imported to Yotpo.

        Import guidelines

        To ensure that your import is successful, please be sure that the import .csv file meets the criteria below.

        The import file must contain all 7 of the column field headers listed below even if the column is blank. Photo imports are limited to no more than 20,000 photos per batch. If you need to import more, please contact your Yotpo representative.

        The type of media that will be uploaded: video or image
        The image/video URL
        Note: - The URL must be an accessible direct link to the resource and end with the image format (i.e. .jpg or .png). For example:
        - The import form cannot contain duplicate URLs
        The photo owner's name
        e.g. John Doe
        user_emailThe reviewer/photo/video owner's email address. Must be in a valid email format.
        captionThe text displayed as the photo/video caption
        The date on which the image was created. Time must be in iso8601GMT format e.g. YYYY-MM-DD, 2018-04-23T23:59:59.999Z
        Cannot be a future date.
        productsUp to 3 product IDs of products tagged in the image or video.

        Note: Product ID is also referred to as SKU or domain_key.
        Multiple product IDs should be separated by semicolons.
        Tagged photos will automatically be displayed in Product Albums. 
        albumsThe name of the custom album to which the photo/video should be added
        Multiple albums should be separated by semicolons ";".
        e.g. UGC Gallery; Shoppable Instagram; Homepage Album

        Max. 500 albums


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