Importing Product Reviews from Shopify Reviews

      Importing Product Reviews from Shopify Reviews

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        Import your existing Shopify product reviews to Yotpo directly through the Yotpo interface.

        In this article, you’ll learn how to quickly and easily export your reviews from Shopify and import them to Yotpo Reviews.

        Exporting reviews

        Before importing your existing reviews into Yotpo, you’ll need to export them from Shopify Reviews. 

        To export your existing reviews from Shopify:

        1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels.
        2. Click Product Reviews.
        3. Click Open app.
        4. Click Settings.
        5. Click Export.

        A CSV spreadsheet file downloads in your browser. Now you can upload this file to Yotpo Reviews.

        Have a Yotpo Reviews Premium or Enterprise plan?
        Please contact Yotpo Support and send them the exported file. They will take care of the import process for you.

        Importing your reviews to Yotpo

        To import reviews to Yotpo:

        1. In your Yotpo Reviews main menu, go to Settings > Import Reviews.
        2. Select Shopify Reviews from the dropdown menu. 
        3. Click Upload file and follow the instructions to add the file you’ve exported from Shopify.

        You will be asked to declare that your reviews are genuine. This is to make sure that all the reviews have been submitted by genuine shoppers and collected correctly. 

        To learn more about what this means, see our legal disclaimer.

        If your upload completes successfully, you’re done! You can view your imported reviews in the Moderation panel by clicking See imported reviews.

        Please note:
        • Reviews with replies can take up to 3 hours to appear. If you don't see them right away, please check back later.
        • Reviews that are imported to Yotpo will automatically be treated as anonymous reviews. To learn more about reviewer badges, see the Reviewer Badges article

        If we detect issues with the uploaded file, we’ll help you fix any errors so you can import your file successfully. To learn how to complete your import, click here.

        Publishing reviews

        The reviews exported from Shopify Reviews can have one of the following statuses:

        • Published: These reviews are automatically published in Yotpo and will appear in your Reviews Moderation panel once the import process is complete. It can take up to 3 hours for these reviews to appear on-site.
        • Approved: These reviews are not automatically published and will be available in your Yotpo Moderation panel for additional actions.  

        If you enable auto-publish reviews, imported reviews with the “approved” status will be automatically published after 14 days unless you manually publish, reject, or escalate them.

        To learn more about auto-publishing, see Auto-Publishing Reviews.

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