Importing Q&A into Yotpo

      Importing Q&A into Yotpo

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        This article describes how to prepare questions and answers for importing by Yotpo.If you want to re-use existing Q&A when migrating to Yotpo, you can provide information from any platform. 

        Please note:
        • If you have more than one account, you need to create an import file for each account
        • You cannot import questions that do not have answers

        Importing Q&A

        Yotpo Support can assist with imports of Q&A. To import the questions and answers:

        Download the template:

        1. Use a spreadsheet application such as LibreOffice or Google Sheets CSV file in UTF-8 encoding.
          Please note:
          If you are using Excel, you must import the CSV file to preserve the encoding. If you open it, any special characters will be lost. Click here for instructions.
        2. Complete the template with the appropriate information filled in according to the following guidelines:
          • All fields are mandatory
          • Ensure that the product-id in your file matches the product-id on your website for every product
          • Make sure the date format is consistent across the entire date column. The recommended format is YYYY-MM-DD, for example, 2016-03-21
          • When you import Q&A to Yotpo, they are automatically published to your website. Edit the files before you send them to Yotpo to remove any Q&A you do not want to be published
          • If a question has multiple answers, create a row for each answer with the same question_id, question poser and product data (see rows 1 and 2 of the template for an example)
          • You cannot have multiple answers for the same question from the same user email
        3. Save the file either as Excel (.xlsx) or a .csv file in UTF-8 encoding. Other formats, such as Apple Numbers, are not supported,
        To save an Excel file in UTF-8 format:
        1. Select Save As in the File menu.
        2. Select Web Options in the Tools menu near the Save button.
        3. Select Encoding.
        4. Select Unicode (UTF-8) in the Save this document as: drop-down list.
        5. Click OK.
        6. Click Save.

        Please note that these instructions depend on the version of Excel you're using.

        To ensure the CSV File is in UTF-8 encoding:
        1. Open the file in Windows Notepad.
        2. Select Save As in the file menu.
        3. Select UTF-8 encoding in the Encoding dropdown menu next to the Save button in the Save As dialog box. Make sure to only select the Tab and Comma Separator Options.
        4. Save the file using a new name.
        5. Go through the checklist below before you submit your files to Yotpo Support.

        Selecting the Tab and Comma Separator Options:


        • Target account ID for the Q&A import: To find your account ID, click here
        • Verify product IDs 
        • Remove any questions you do not want to be published
        • Verify that all the mandatory fields are filled
        • Remove invalid strings of characters that were converted from emoji into UTF-8
        • Verify the product URLs and product image URLs are valid - The URLs should open the product page.
        • Verify that the character encoding is UTF-8
        • Verify that the file format is Excel (.xlsx) or CSV (comma separated values) - commas between the data, and inverted commas as the text delimiters, for example:
        1. question_id,question_content,question_user_email,question_user_name,question_created_at,product_sku,product_title,product_description6. Use the online support form to send the files and Yotpo will import the Q&A for you. Specify the Yotpo account ID for which to import the Q&A.
          • Yotpo Support will contact you when the questions and answers have been imported.

        Finding your account ID

        To find your account ID, do the following:

        1. Log into Yotpo Reviews.
        2. Click  in the top right corner of your screen.
        3. Select the Account Settings tab.
        4. Click the Store tab. Your Yotpo Account ID is shown at the top of the Store Settings tab.

        Finding product IDs

        To find your product IDs, please click here.

        Import Q&A template

        question_idXThe unique id of the question.1
        question_contentXThe content of the questionWhat colors does the T-shirt come in?
        question_user_emailXThe email of the user who asked the
        question_user_nameXThe name of the user who asked the questionJohn Doe
        question_created_atXThe date the question was asked in YYYY-MM-DD format2016-03-21
        product_skuXThe sku (product ID)1
        product_titleXThe name of the productYotpo T-shirt
        product_descriptionXThe description of the product on the storeYotpo-branded T-shirt
        product_urlXThe url of the product on your store
        product_image_urlXThe url of the product image
        answer_contentXThe answer added by a customer or the store ownerOnly in a stylish blue at the moment
        answer_user_emailXThe email of the person who
        answer_user_nameXThe name of the person who answeredJane Smith
        answer_created_atXThe date the answer was created2016-03-23
        Please note:
        • All fields are mandatory
        • One product may have multiple questions
        • One question may have multiple answers
        • If a question has multiple answers, create a row for each answer with the same question_id, question poser and product data (see rows 1 and 2 of the template for an example)
        • You cannot have multiple answers for the same question from the same user email
        • product_sku is the product_id

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