Managing Loyalty & Referrals Customer Communication

      Managing Loyalty & Referrals Customer Communication

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        Optimize your loyalty program by sending customers hyper-personalized SMS messages and emails at the right moment - this keeps your shoppers engaged and coming back to purchase from your brand.

        Every touchpoint in the customer journey mustn’t be just a promotion - you want to deliver value back to your most loyal customers.

        In this article, you’ll learn which loyalty SMS & Email flows are available and how to activate them.

        How it works

        The Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals flows center allows you to get the most important touch points of your customers launched effectively and efficiently - Have a single source of truth for all loyalty and referral-related communication sent out via Yotpo SMS & Email.

        Flows activated in Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals will be automatically set up and active in Yotpo SMS & Email. If you’d like to edit the message or the flow, even before or after activating it, you can go directly to the flow set up in Yotpo SMS & Email and update what’s needed.

        All the flows can be sent as an SMS, email, or both. You can preview the SMS message and the email for every flow.

        Once a flow is active, you will be able to see the flow analytics and change the communication channel.

        Before you start

        To use loyalty & referral flows, you need a Yotpo SMS & Email account.

        Flows overview

        Core flows

        The following flows are a necessity in terms of customer communication and should be set up when you are building your loyalty and referrals programs.

        Flow nameDescription
        Yotpo Loyalty Rewards program welcome

        Invite new customers to join your Rewards program or welcome customers who recently joined with a reward.  

        The trigger will change according to your opt-in settings:

        • If your program is set to “All Customers”, this flow will trigger when a customer takes any action that registers them as a customer in your store, such as checking out as a guest. 
        • If set to “Platform Account”, this flow will trigger only after the customer explicitly creates a store account.
        Yotpo Loyalty reward received

        Send customers a message with their reward code when they get a reward.

        The messages will contain the loyalty reward code the customer needs to enter at checkout.

        This flow won’t be triggered if your customers redeem points for a discount/product that is automatically redeemed at checkout.

        Yotpo Loyalty refer a friend (Email flow only)

        Send your customers' friends a unique referral link leading them to a reward they can use on their first purchase with your store. This flow automatically identifies the reward option defined in your referrals program settings and applies the relevant template - there's no need to adjust any of the rules according to your setup.

        Yotpo Loyalty referral completed

        Send the referring customer a reward when their friend successfully completes a purchase using their referral link. This flow automatically identifies the reward option defined in your referrals program settings and applies the relevant template - there's no need to adjust any of the rules according to your setup.

        Yotpo Loyalty VIP Tier

        Send the customer a points reward for reaching a new VIP tier. The message will be sent when a customer reaches their next tier.

        Make sure your VIP tier program settings are set to reward customers with points.

        Advanced flows

        The following flows will help enhance the performance of your programs.

        Flow nameDescription
        Loyalty VIP tier expiration reminderSend a message to remind customers of their tier expiration date and urge them to maintain tier status

        Yotpo Loyalty points expiration reminder

        Send a message to remind customers about points that are about to expire, urging them to use those points. 

        The flow will be triggered 30,14, and 7 days before the next points expire. The flow includes a “is eligible for redemption” condition which means that only customers that have enough points to redeem a reward will receive this message.

        To learn more about point expiration, see Setting up Points Expiration.

        Yotpo Loyalty Redemption Reminder

        Send a reminder to customers with their available points balance, and how many more points they need for a reward.

        An SMS will be sent to customers who haven't engaged with the Loyalty program in over 30 days.

        Yotpo Loyalty Birthday Points

        Treat customers with points on their birthday.

        Make sure your Birthday Reward earning rule is set to reward points.

        Setting up a flow

        To activate the flows:

        1. In Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals, to Communications > SMS & Email Flows.
        2. Choose which flows you’d like to set up.
        Please note:
        If the flows have already been set up in Yotpo SMS & Email, the flow in Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals will be set to Active.

        Editing a flow

        You can edit a flow before or after activating it. To edit a flow, click the three dots on the right and choose Edit flow in SMSbump. This will take you to the flow in Yotpo SMS & Email to adjust the copy and add conditions.

        To learn more about how to set up the flows in Yotpo SMS & Email, go to Drive More Repeat Sales with SMS and Loyalty.

        Next steps

        To learn about editing Loyalty Flows in Yotpo SMS & Email, see Drive More Repeat Sales with SMS and Loyalty

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