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        Increase product discovery and better express your brand’s personality with Yotpo's shoppable on-site photo galleries. The Galleries page allows you to easily create, view, and manage product galleries, custom galleries, and My Posts galleries from one central place.

        In this article, you'll learn about the different types of media galleries in Visual UGC.

        Good to know

        Existing on-site photo galleries created before October 2018 will continue to appear on your site, however, they will not be displayed on the Photo Galleries page and cannot be modified.

        To manage existing galleries through the Photo Galleries page:

        1. Create and customize new galleries via the Photo Galleries page.
        2. Assign your new galleries to the existing photo albums.
        3. Replace the old gallery code on your site with the newly generated code.

        To optimize the initial load time of your site, we use lazy loading. This means your photos and videos will load on the page only when they're "on-screen" and above the page fold.

        The Product Gallery is a customizable photo gallery that showcases curated photos of shoppers enjoying your products right on your product pages!  When shoppers see others using a product, they can connect on a personal level and see themselves using the product- effectively alleviating buyer hesitation and increasing conversion rates! 

        Learn more in the Product Gallery Guide.

        Custom Galleries are fully customizable on-site galleries designed to showcase user-generated photos at key conversion points on your site. For best results, we recommend adding custom galleries to your homepage, checkout page templates, and a dedicated gallery page. 

        Learn more in the Custom Gallery Guide.

        The My Posts gallery keeps your website fresh with your most up-to-date Instagram content, with no moderation required by you. You can set the gallery to update automatically with your most recent Instagram posts, or, for more control, you can set it to update manually.

        Learn more in the My Posts Gallery Guide.

        Widget versioning

        You must have Yotpo's latest widget version in order to use Photo Galleries.
        If you are prompted with the popup below, click Preview New Version to preview the updated widgets within the widget versioning sandbox.


        What happens if I have grouped products?
        If you're using our product grouping feature, the media for the grouped products will appear in all of these product galleries.

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