Migrating to Yotpo Subscriptions FAQ

      Migrating to Yotpo Subscriptions FAQ

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        At Yotpo Subscriptions we understand that switching subscription platforms should be as smooth, fast, and easy as possible.

        That’s why Yotpo Subscriptions offers merchants a seamless, full-service migration.

        The service is free of charge and can be completed in as little as 48 hours, with minimal time and effort on your end.

        To get started right away, you can get in touch with our migration specialists from Yotpo Subscriptions, or learn more about the process by reading the frequently asked questions below.

        How much does the full-service migration cost?

        The Yotpo Subscriptions migration service is completely free for all merchants.

        How long will it take to migrate to Yotpo Subscriptions?

        The migration process can be completed in as little as 48 hours. The time may vary slightly based on your platform or program size, but requires almost no dedicated time or efforts on your end.

        Who is eligible to migrate to Yotpo Subscriptions?

        We support the leading subscription platforms and providers. If you want to be sure that we can fully support your solution before getting started, you can talk to us via live chat from Yotpo Subscriptions and we’ll be happy to review your specific needs. 

        How do I start the migration process?

        To start the migration process, you need to first download the Yotpo Subscriptions app from the Shopify app store, and then click on the live chat button to let us know you’re interested.

        Don't worry — downloading the app will not affect your existing on-site subscription experience.

        If you’ve already downloaded Yotpo Subscriptions, you can start a live chat with a migration specialist from Yotpo Subscriptions anytime. 

        Do I need to prepare anything before I reach out to start the migration process? 

        No. All you need to do before you start the migration process is download the Yotpo Subscriptions app, and let us know you’re interested in migrating from the live chat button.

        Will I need to prepare my data and make sure it matches the Yotpo Subscriptions platform? 

        No, you won’t need to worry about this. Unlike other platforms, you won’t have to collect, review, and correct your subscription data on your own. 

        We offer to free up your time and efforts by managing this process for you. Since the process is managed by an experienced team of experts, it can be completed in less than 48 hours.

        How does the migration process work?

        Migration to Yotpo Subscriptions follows these 5 main steps:

        Step 1: Download the Yotpo Subscriptions app on Shopify
        Once you’re in Yotpo Subscriptions, click on the live chat button to let us know you’re interested in migrating. 

        Step 2: Discovery session
        Once you’re connected with a specialist, they’ll answer any questions you have, and get everything they need from you in order to manage the migration process for you. 

        Step 3: Preparing your data
        At this point, you can sit back and relax. We’ll collect and review your data, and correct any issues that may come up. 

        Step 4: Launch Yotpo Subscriptions
        We’ll get you set up with the new onsite subscription experience based on your branding and preferences, and retire your previous onsite widget. 

        Don’t worry — we’ll run tests to ensure that new subscription orders are coming in smoothly before we switch you over. 

        Step 5: Migrate contracts and celebrate! 
        Our experts will migrate all the subscription contracts from your previous platform to Yotpo Subscriptions. We guarantee a smooth transition, and will ensure an uninterrupted experience for all your customers.

        Will you make changes to my subscription data if you find any issues or errors?

        If we identify any issues or errors, our experts will always inform you of the changes that need to be made before we continue.

        Can I choose which data I want to migrate?

        Yes. You’ll be able to choose if you want to migrate all your existing customers, including inactive customers, or just migrate your active customers.

        When will my existing customers be charged once they’re migrated to Yotpo Subscriptions? 

        Customers will continue to be charged on the same date they were charged for their subscriptions in your previous platform. 

        What happens to orders and charges that are set for the day the migration is taking place?

        To ensure a seamless transition, we'll schedule the migration process for a day after existing orders and charges are set to take place, and will not schedule the migration for the day itself. 

        This way we can ensure that the same order won’t be processed twice, and that your customers won’t be double billed.

        For example: If orders and/or charges are scheduled for May 11th, the migration process for those orders will be scheduled for May 12th.

        I want to change my subscription plan settings like frequency or pricing. Will these changes apply to my existing subscribers as well? 

        No. You can decide to make these changes for new customers and new subscription orders only. Your migrated customers and subscription orders can maintain the subscription frequencies and pricing from before the migration. 

        For example: If a migrated customer is set to receive your product every 2 weeks in your old subscription platform, but you want to now set up only monthly frequencies in Yotpo Subscriptions, the migrated customer will continue with the previous 2-week frequency, unless you change it yourself.

        How will the migration impact my customers? 

        Your shoppers’ and customers’ experience won’t be interrupted:

        • We’ll ensure new orders are coming in smoothly, and existing customers will continue to receive their orders as planned. 
        • Customers will continue to be able to make changes to their subscriptions via the Shopify-native customer portal or through your Shopify account page, exactly as they did before.
        • We’ll also ensure that your old platform is successfully retired, so customers don’t receive subscription cancellation emails, and are not being charged twice for the same order.
        Will my customers notice that I switched to a new platform?

        No, your customers won’t notice you’ve switched platforms, and their experience will continue smoothly without interruption.

        Should I expect any downtime?

        There should be no downtime for placing new subscription orders on your store, and your existing customers’ experience will not be interrupted.

        Will Yotpo Subscriptions communicate to my customers about the change?

        No. Yotpo Subscriptions will not reach out to your customers on your behalf. 

        However, if you’re interested — we can help you come up with a plan, and even provide email templates you can use to communicate the change to your customers.

        Which customers will be migrated to Yotpo Subscriptions?

        Only subscribers with an active subscriptions will be migrated to Yotpo Subscriptions. Customers with only failed, expired, or canceled subscriptions will not be migrated. 

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