Moderating Receipt Uploads

      Moderating Receipt Uploads

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        Once you set up a Receipt Upload earning rule, the receipts need to be moderated. Currently, moderation is done manually (every receipt is moderated by a human.)

        This article explains how to moderate receipts uploaded in your earning rule. For brands with high volume, Yotpo is able to provide receipt moderation services. To learn about our receipt moderation services, please reach out to your customer success manager.

        Moderation flow overview

        After the customer uploads the receipt, they will receive no communication until a moderator takes action.

        You will receive an email notification for each receipt uploaded. By default, you'll get a weekly reminder about outstanding receipts that require action.

        1. You get an email for the uploadedreceipt 

        • An email will be sent to moderation email defined in the earning rule settings
        • This email trigger cannot be disabled to prevent forgotten receipts
        • The email includes:
        • Submission date + Customer's email
        • Link to Customer Page for easy moderation
        • Link to see the photo

        2. Open the customer's page and go over the receipt

        The Customer Page is the centralized dashboard where you can see all receipt submissions, and perform an action.

        In the customer profile, you will see:

        • All of the receipts a customer uploaded
        • Date uploaded by the customer
        • When it was last updated by a moderator
        • Receipt ID - This is a unique case number assigned to each receipt that is uploaded.
        • A link to see the receipt
        • Current status (Approved/Rejected/Escalated)
        • Action buttons:

        Pressing the "Approve" button will trigger the "Receipt Approved" email to be sent to the customer (either the "rewarded points", or "rewarded coupon" version, respectively.)


        Pressing the "Reject" button will trigger the "receipt rejected" email to be sent to the customer.


        Pressing escalate will trigger an email to the address you defined in the admin. Change this in the setting called "Send escalations to this email.

        Approval Flow

        When a moderator wants to approve a receipt, they will be asked to fill in the amount that needs to be rewarded.

        For example, if the customer spent $25.00 of qualifying merchandise, then the moderator needs to enter "25."

        Rejection Flow

        • If the moderator decides to reject the submission, they will be asked to select one of the following reasons:
          • Suspected Fraud
          • Receipt is not readable
          • No relevant products in the receipt
          • Other
        • Optional field to add additional notes/info
        Please note:
        These fields will not appear in the customer email! They are for internal use.

        Escalation Flow

        If the moderator is not sure what to do, they can escalate the receipt for a second opinion. They can select one of the following options:

        • Suspected Fraud
        • Receipt is not readable 
        • No relevant products in the receipt
        • Other

        There's also an optional field where they can add notes/information.

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