Moving your Product Reviews to a New Product Page or Platform

      Moving your Product Reviews to a New Product Page or Platform

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        Follow this guide to move product reviews collected via Yotpo from one product page to another if you update your product catalog.

        • If you are migrating from one platform to another, please follow this article
        • If you want to import non-Yotpo reviews, see this article

        Step 1 - Export existing Yotpo reviews

        To complete this step, see Exporting Reviews from Yotpo.

        Step 2 - Update the reviews file

        1. Use a spreadsheet application such as LibreOffice or Google Sheets to open the CSV file in UTF-8 encoding.
        2. Remove any reviews/rows irrelevant or unrelated to this change.
        3. Use the following information to match the values of the new product page:
          • Product URL
          • Product image URL
          • Product title (optional - if titles have been changed)
          • SKU (must be the new Product ID)
        4. Ensure that the product IDs in your file match the product IDs on your website for every product.
        5. Save the file either as Excel (.xlsx) or a .csv file in UTF-8 encoding (other formats, such as Apple Numbers, are not supported).
        Can't find your product ID?

        Step 3 - Send the reviews file to Yotpo Support

        1. Contact support and let them know that you want to move reviews into a new product page or product ID.
        2. Upload the file using the Upload a file section at the bottom of the form.
        3. Click Submit.
        4. Once the updated reviews are imported and you confirm that you see them on your site, we will go ahead and delete the old reviews.
        This process does not over-write previous reviews - it creates new entries. This means that the old reviews will be deleted in order to avoid duplicate reviews.

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