Configuring Multilingual Review Emails

      Configuring Multilingual Review Emails

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        Send your customer review request emails in a language that suits them best to increase your response rate and enhance the number of reviews you receive.

        By sending your customers emails in the language most relevant to them, you create a more personalized and comfortable experience where they are more likely to leave a review.

        This reduces confusion and enhances communication between merchants and customers.

        In this article, you’ll learn how multilingual emails work and how to set them up.

        How it works

        Yotpo uses information collected from the order and the customer profile to determine which language is relevant to the customer.

        • If the language appears in your Yotpo Reviews Email Settings, we will automatically send the customer a review request email in the detected language
        • If the language isn’t available, we’ll use the default (fallback) language that’s configured in your email settings

        Each of the listed supported languages will have a predefined translation for the following email sections:

        • Email body
        • Email footer
        • Unsubscribe link
        • Product arrived too soon

        Supported languages

        Yotpo currently supports the following languages:

        • Dutch (nl)
        • English (en)
        • Finnish (fi)
        • French (fr)
        • German (de)
        • Italian (it)
        • Japanese (ja)
        • Norwegian (no)
        • Portuguese (pt)
        • Spanish (es)
        • Swedish (sv)


        • The feature requires using the latest version of the email editor. To learn more about the new email editor, click here.
        • Currently, you cannot change or customize the content or design of the translated emails.
        • For countries with multiple official languages, we will send the email in the language we defined as the main one. The only exception is Canada, where customers from Quebec will receive an email in French.
        • Custom Questions will not be translated.
        • Product names and additional attributes, such as the product description, will not be translated and will appear the same as in your Yotpo product catalog.
        To view your catalog, go to your Yotpo store settings > Product catalog > Update Products tab. Here you will see the option to send the catalog to your email address.

        Setting up multilingual emails

        All relevant email languages must be selected in the Emails Settings section of Yotpo Reviews.

        To select the languages relevant to you:

        1. In your Yotpo Reviews main menu, go to Settings > Email Settings.
        2. Toggle on Multilingual emails.
        3. Choose the default language for your emails.
        4. Select additional relevant languages.

        5. Click Save Changes.

        Next steps

        You can see how your review request emails are performing by going to your Emails Dashboard.

        To learn more about the Email dashboard, go to our Emails Dashboard article.

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