Nosto - Integration Guide for Yotpo Reviews and Visual UGC

      Nosto - Integration Guide for Yotpo Reviews and Visual UGC



        Visual UGC
        Supported plans

        Free, Starter, Pro, Premium, Enterprise

        eCommerce Platform

        Shopify, Shopify Plus, Adobe Commerce (Magento)

        The Nosto integration combines personalization with ratings & reviews and visual user-generated content (UGC) to help retailers boost buyer trust and conversions by leveraging customer content in personalized marketing campaigns. Nosto’s behavior-based recommendations link the right customers to the right products at the right time.

        About Nosto

        Developed with busy eCommerce professionals in mind, Nosto's automated marketing solution enables merchants to build and launch personalized marketing campaigns - without the need for dedicated IT resources or complicated backend implementation!

        By leveraging the power of big data and behavioral algorithms, Nosto tracks and analyzes the behavior of store visitors and provides merchants with powerful tools that leverage this data to tailor the buyer journey to each shopper resulting in more personalized customer experiences and increased clickthrough and conversion rates.

        Integrating Yotpo and Nosto

        Syncing Nosto with Yotpo is easy - once integrated, you can easily incorporate reviews, ratings, and customer photos into your on-site product recommendations and social ads to build buyer trust and remove barriers to purchase by leveraging social proof.

        Wanna learn more?
        Yotpo's latest visual integration with Nosto helps you boost conversion and bring more traffic to your store by using authentic customer photos in your social ads and on-site pop-ups. Learn more about it here.
        Please note:
        If you've installed Yotpo for Adobe Commerce 1 or Shopify, please make sure you have Rich Snippets set to Active - as Nosto is using it to pull the review data.

        Displaying ratings & reviews count

        Shopify & Shopify Plus

        Nosto natively supports Yotpo Reviews, so if your store is built on Shopify and you're using both Yotpo and Nosto, you can display Yotpo ratings by enabling these settings for each recommendation on the site.

        Once you've installed and configured Yotpo on your Shopify store, Nosto begins collecting the rating and review metadata automatically. There is no additional configuration required on Nosto's end!

        To enable Reviews Count and Ratings:

        1. Click On-Site
        2. Click Recommendations
        3. Click Choose a recommendation
        4. Toggle showReviewsCount
          1. Enabling this setting will show the number of reviews written about the product.
        5. Toggle showRating
          1. Enabling this setting will display the products average star-rating score.
        Adobe Commerce 1

        In Adobe Commerce 1, you can define Yotpo as the rating and reviews metadata provider by navigating to the configuration page and toggling Ratings source to Use Yotpo under the Ratings & Reviews section.

        Once you've enabled the rating and reviews metadata, you should be able to see the new product metadata collected by Nosto.

        Please note:
        Products that don't have any reviews will appear with (0 reviews) and will not display a star-rating.

        Showcasing User-Generated Photos

        User-generated photos are included as part of Yotpo Visual UGC.

        To learn more about Yotpo's plans and pricing and find the right plan for you, click here.

        To display user-generated photos collected through Yotpo:

        1. In the Nosto admin, click Settings
        2. Click Integrations
        3. Click Integrate
        4. Copy your Yotpo App Key from your Yotpo Account Settings
        5. Paste your App Key in Nosto
        6. Click Submit

        This will sync content from Yotpo to Nosto. The progress is shown in the sync-screen and may take up to a few hours depending on the quantity of user-generated photos you're syncing. 

        When you're ready to display user-generated photos on-site:

        1. Access your Nosto Recommendations settings
        2. Toggle the Use user-generated photography switch to On

        UGC and Facebook & Instagram ads

        Displaying user-generated photos in Facebook and Instagram ads follows a similar process.

        During the ad creation under visual settings, simply toggle the Use user-generated photography switch to On to enable the feature. Once enabled, Nosto will use only user-generated photos and products featuring one in the selected on-site recommendation or ad creative.

        Having issues with the integration?

        Contact Nosto support at

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