Nosto - Integration Guide for Yotpo Email

      Nosto - Integration Guide for Yotpo Email

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        Integrating Nosto and Yotpo Email will allow you to track your marketing efforts, monitor your most important metrics, and understand how your email campaigns and flows are performing.

        The integration with Nosto lets you

        • Increase KPIs such as CTR and conversion

        • Increase the relevancy of your current email campaigns without the need to re-think your vendor strategy

        Available for:

        Only available for stores based in the US.

        About Nosto

        Developed with busy eCommerce professionals in mind, Nosto's automated marketing solution enables merchants to build and launch personalized marketing campaigns - without the need for dedicated IT resources or complicated backend implementation!

        By leveraging the power of big data and behavioral algorithms, Nosto tracks and analyzes the behavior of store visitors and provides merchants with powerful tools that leverage this data to tailor the buyer journey to each individual shopper resulting in more personalized customer experiences and increased click-through and conversion rates.

        Creating the Email Personalization Widgets in Nosto

        To create a widget in Nosto:

        1. In your Nosto account, go to Product Experience Cloud > Personalyzed emails > Create email widget.

        2. Choose the Campaign Type - choose the products you want to promote in the widget. You can also change the rule set later on.


        Not sure what type to choose or how campaign types work in the widget? Read the full glossary under the Manuals section of Nosto's Help Center.

        1. Click Next.

        2. In the list of Email Service providers, select Yotpo email.

        3. Click Next.

        4. Choose filtering (Include and Exclude products). If you select “Best Sellers” or “Product Based Cross-selling”, you can apply any include or exclude filter.

        5. Edit the copy and visual settings. At this point, you can edit some key visual aspects of the widget. The widget will feature a product’s image, name, and current selling price and also the title as given in the Block title input area. By default, Nosto displays four products in the widget.

        6. Copy the code snippet from the output area and Save the campaign. The campaign name also defines the tracking parameter later available in your web analytics tool. So, name this descriptively.


        Watch this video tutorial on how to create email widgets in Nosto.

        Adding Nosto’s widget to your Yotpo email campaigns

        To add the widget to your Yotpo email campaigns:

        1. In your Yotpo Email main menu, go to Campaigns and click Create campaign in the top right corner.

        2. Choose Email and click Create.

        3. Hover over the email preview on the right and click Edit content.

        4. Add an HTML block to your campaign and paste the code snippet from Nosto. Click outside the window to close it and preview the widget.

        5. Define the rest of the campaign content, audience, schedule, etc.

        6. Click Save & close.

        You are ready to send out your campaign. We recommend sending a few test emails before sending the finalized version out to your customers.

        Having issues with the integration?

        Contact Nosto support at

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