Offering a Discount for Writing or Sharing a Review

      Offering a Discount for Writing or Sharing a Review

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        Discounts encourage your customers to write and share product reviews and become repeat shoppers at your store. This is a great way to help drive more traffic to your store.

        In this article, you'll learn how to add coupons to your review request emails.

        How it works

        Please note:

        Due to Google seller rating requirements, you can offer coupons to your customers as an incentive only for submitting product reviews, and not for site reviews.

        Give your customers a discount as an incentive for writing a review, or sharing it on social media. You can edit your review request emails to let your customers know about these coupon offers.

        Customers that leave a product review receive an email with a discount code right away via email. They’ll be able to use the discount at your store.

        You can check the statistics on the usage of your discounts and see how much money the feature brings you each month using the Conversion dashboard.

        We recommend installing Yotpo's Conversion Tracking Code in your shop to see how the discount is affecting purchases. To learn how to do that, go to the Conversion Tracking article.

        Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals

        If you’re also using our Loyalty & Referrals product, we recommend setting up a Yotpo Product Review Earning Rule. The earning rule includes more advanced settings and the option to reward customers with loyalty points.

        You can also reward customers for adding a photo or a video to their reviews to enrich your user-generated content.

        To learn more check out these articles:

        Make sure you aren’t using the discount functionality in Reviews and the Earning Rule in Loyalty & Referrals as you’ll be giving customers multiple discounts for the same action.

        Customizing the discount email

        Can’t find this in your Yotpo account?
        If you can’t access the feature or see a different interface, please reach out to our support team.

        To turn on the discount email and customize it:

        1. From your Yotpo Review main menu, go to Collect Reviews > Review Request Flow.
        2. Click the Offer a discount row option to expand it.

        Now you can go ahead and configure the discount settings and edit the email content.

        Please note:
        If you disable or change the discounts, you’ll need to manually update the email templates.

        Setting up the discount

        Use the following settings to configure the discount you will offer to your customers.

        • Discount trigger - Select the discount email trigger - writing a review or sharing a review via social media
        • Discount title  - A description of the received discount. This text will be automatically added to the discount email
        • Discount type: Static code - This is a code that remains the same for every customer who receives it
        The Discount code field must match what you have configured in your eCommerce platforms, otherwise, the code will not be accepted by your store.

        Editing the email content

        Edit the email subject line by clicking the Edit email content field at the bottom. You can easily add personalization tags to the subject line by clicking +Add personalization tags.

        You can also manually add personalization tags to the body of the email using the following tag format:

        • {{}}
        • {{}}
        • {{}}
        Please note:
        The test email shows the content and design. Personalization tags and product photos are not substituted with real data.

        When hovering over the email preview on the right, you will see an option to customize the


        Sending out the email

        Don't forget to update your main review request email content to notify customers that they will receive a discount if they write or share a review.

        Once you’ve finished setting up your discounts and emails, you can send yourself a test email to see what it looks like.

        Click the toggle to enable the discount emails.

        Next steps

        You can check the statistics on the usage of the discounts and see how much money the feature brings you each month using the Conversion dashboard.

        To learn more, check out our Conversion Dashboard article.

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