Offering Customers Subscription Cash Discount Rewards

      Offering Customers Subscription Cash Discount Rewards

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        Boost subscription retention by allowing your customers to easily redeem their loyalty points for discounts on upcoming subscription orders.

        In this article, you’ll learn how to create a subscription discount reward so customers can redeem loyalty points to enjoy a discount on their upcoming subscription orders.

        How it works

        Subscription cash discount rewards are a unique type of Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals cash discount rewards that you create in Yotpo Subscriptions. This reward allows your subscription customers to apply discounts to their subscription orders in exchange for their loyalty points. 

        Subscription cash discount rewards will be available to eligible subscription customers from their subscriptions customer portal, which they can access anytime via direct email/SMS links, or straight from within your Shopify account page. Learn more about how customers access the customer portal to self-manage subscriptions.

        Before you start

        To start offering subscription discount rewards you need a Loyalty & Referrals account and an active loyalty program with opted-in customers. If you do not have that, follow these steps to install and set up Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals.

        Creating a subscriptions cash discount reward

        To create a subscriptions discount reward:

        1. From your Yotpo Subscriptions main menu go to Rewards.
        2. Click Create reward.
        3. Edit all the reward settings to fit your subscriptions reward offering.
          You can change your points value, add or remove a discount amount, etc. See all the ways you can customize cash discount reward settings.
        4. Click Save

        Your new rewards are now launched on your customer portal, and eligible customers will be able to redeem them anytime from their customer portal. 

        The reward you’ve created will appear under your Yotpo Subscriptions rewards table with the following information:

        Column NameDescription
        NameReward names are meant to differentiate one reward from another, specifically when it comes to rewards of the same type

        Reward Type
        The type of reward created. Subscription rewards are currently all fixed amount cash discounts.
        Cost in PointsThe number of points customers need to redeem for this reward
        Rewards RedeemedThe number of times this reward was redeemed by customers on their subscriptions.
        You can hover over the tooltip to view the breakdown by discount amount.
        Please note:
        • You can edit the reward anytime by clicking the Edit button.
        • The subscription cash discount reward you create will only affect what subscription customers see in their customer portal, and will not be displayed on your other Loyalty & Referrals on-site widgets.

        How to display or hide subscription rewards

        The subscriptions cash discount rewards you’ve created will be displayed by default in the customer portal to allcustomers who are eligible to redeem them.

        However, you can choose to hide subscription rewards from the customer portal anytime so that you don’t have to delete the reward itself, and can easily display it again at a later time.

        To hide subscription rewards from the customer portal:

        1. From your Yotpo Subscriptions main menu go to Store View.
        2. From the Customer Portal Widget click Edit.
        3. Select Available actions.
        4. Toggle off the Redeem loyalty points action. 

        To enable and display the rewards once again, simply toggle on the Redeem loyalty points action. 

        How do customers redeem their discount reward

        Anytime eligible customers log in to their subscriptions customer portal, they'll be able to see their available points balance and the subscription discount rewards they can redeem based on your subscriptions reward settings.

        To see their points balance and redeem subscription rewards, customers need to:
        1. Log in to their customer portal page.
        2. Scroll down to the Next charge section of their subscription.
        3. They’ll see their available points balance, and will be able to click to select any of the rewards available to them:

        Once they've selected a reward, the discount will immediately be applied to their next order charge, and they'll see their total amount updated.

        Please note:
        Subscription rewards will only apply to the upcoming subscription order. Learn more about the redemption limitations.

        Redemption limitations for subscription rewards

        Customers need to be eligible to see and redeem subscription cash discount rewards in their customer portal. 

        If they’re eligible, there are 3 limitations to how they can redeem their rewards:

        1. Upcoming subscription order only: Customers can only redeem discounts towards their nearest, upcoming subscription order. For example: If their next order will be processed on January 1, and they have scheduled orders for February 1 and March 1, they will only be able to redeem a discount on the January 1st order.

        2. One reward per subscription: If a customer has more than 1 active subscription, they can redeem 1 discount reward per subscription. For example: If a customer is subscribed to a face cream that is delivered every 3 months and a body wash that is delivered monthly, they can redeem a reward on their upcoming face cream order, and upcoming body wash order.

        3. Remaining points are not restored: If a customer selects a discount that is greater than the subscription order’s total, the remaining points will not be restored to their points balance. For example: If a customer selects a $20 for 200 points reward on a $10 order total, all 200 points will be redeemed and used towards this order.

        How do customers cancel a redeemed discount

        Customers can cancel a discount they’ve applied to regain the points they’ve redeemed.

        To cancel a discount and regain their points, customers need to:

        1. Go to their customer portal page.
        2. Scroll down to the Next charge section of the relevant subscription.
        3. Click the X button near the discount they’ve received. The points they’ve redeemed will be added back to their points balance.


        1. Which customers are eligible for subscription discount rewards?

        These are the conditions customers must meet in order to see and redeem subscription discount rewards:

        1. Customers who are opted-in to your loyalty program.
        2. Customers who have at least 1 active subscription and as long as it is not a prepaid subscription.
        3. Customers who have enough points to redeem the rewards based on the points value you’ve set for your subscription reward.
        4. The Redeem loyalty points action is enabled in your Customer Portal Widget. See how to make sure it’s enabled
        2. Can customers redeem more than 1 discount reward on a subscription order?

        No. Customers can only redeem 1 discount reward per subscription order. Learn more about redemption limitations.

        3. Can I hide subscription rewards without deleting the reward?

        Yes. You can control the subscription rewards appearance in the customer portal anytime from the Customer Portal Widget editor. See how

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