Ordergroove - Integration Guide for Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals

      Ordergroove - Integration Guide for Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals

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        The integration between Ordergroove and Yotpo Loyalty allows subscribers to accumulate points on subscription purchases, offer special rewards for reaching subscription milestones and redeem points for discounts on both first purchases made via your shop’s checkout and recurring purchases via Ordergroove.

        About Ordergroove

        Ordergroove is the leader in subscription performance. The world’s fastest-growing companies, including The Honest Company, Il Makiage, and KIND Snacks, utilize their powerful tools, promotions, and AI-powered personalization to turn one-time purchases into profitable, recurring relationships. Ordergroove delivers a superior shopping experience for subscribers and performance for merchants with a robust platform is built for flexibility and scale. 

        Yotpo and Ordergroove

        The integration allows customers to earn and redeem points on recurring subscription orders - meaning, all the orders that don't go through your shop’s checkout. When a shopper chooses to buy a subscription product, the first purchase of the subscription will go through the shop’s checkout page. The recurring subscriptions will be processed via Ordergroove.

        Integrating Yotpo and Ordergroove

        After settings up your Ordergroove account:

        1. Reach out to Ordergroove support team at support@ordergroove.com and ask them to provide you with the relevant credentials for the integration.
        2. In your Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals admin, go to the Integrations section.
        3. Select the Ordergroove integration from the list and add the Ordergroove account details you received from Ordergroove’s support team.

          Configuration may vary in accordance with the eCommerce platform you're using. Click on the platform relevant to you to learn more:

          All Shopify orders will automatically sync with Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals. You can use the existing Shopify rewards options to reward shoppers for their transaction which happens via Shopify’s checkout page.

          Later on, the subscription will be processed via Ordergroove, which will automatically push a new order periodically into Shopify. A special campaign will then begin to reward customers for these recurring orders. 

          To allow you to restrict other types of campaigns to Ordergroove orders, an Ordergroove subscription order tag is added to the order. You can then use this tag within your Yotpo admin to exclude or include these orders in other campaigns.


          Orders coming from Ordergroove will need to be marked as such so that Yotpo’s system can detect which customers can participate in the campaign and receive rewards. 

          To make sure these specific orders are marked correctly, simply adjust the orderJSON in the SwellOrderModel.js file of the int_yotpo cartridge (between lines 364-392) and add the following attribute:

          ordergroove_order_type: order.custom.ordergrooveType

          Orders coming from Ordergroove will need to be marked as such so that Yotpo’s system can detect which customers can participate in the campaign and receive rewards.  

          To make sure these specific orders are marked correctly, simply adjust the orderJSON in the loyaltyOrderModel.js file of the int_yotpo_sfra cartridge (between lines 391-419) and add the following attribute:

          ordergroove_order_type: order.custom.ordergrooveType


          If you’re using Ordergroove on a platform other than Shopify or SFCC, please make sure to send us the order details via the Create Order API endpoint:

          • The order must have the specific Ordergroove tag: ordergroove subscription order. Orders that have this tag will be eligible for the Points for Subscription Purchases campaign, but not for the Points for Purchase campaign.
          • The loyalty discount code generated within Ordergroove. 

        4. Configure the Points for Subscription Purchase campaign and Ordergroove coupons.

        Points for subscription purchases campaign

        To create the campaign:

        1. In your Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals admin, go to Program > Earning Points.
        2. Click the Start a New Campaign button at the top.
        3. Choose the Points for Subscription Purchases campaign.

        This campaign will reward shoppers for recurring orders processed via Ordergroove. Recurring subscription orders will earn points only on this campaign and are automatically excluded from the regular Points for Purchases campaign.

        Campaign settings

        Below is an overview of the campaign settings:

        • The amount of points the customer earns is…- Here you can choose whether to reward the customer with a fixed amount of points per recurring order or to reward them based on the product they purchased. Some fields on the setup change depending on the type of reward that you choose. If you select:
          A fixed amount

          You will see a Reward Amount setting where you can set the ratio of points per $1 by the customer.

          Based on the product purchased by the customer

          Fill in the product IDs and points per product ratio in the following format - 1:100, 2:150,etc.

        • Campaign Name - This is the name of the campaign as it appears on the rewards pop-up or rewards page. By default, the name is set to "Subscription purchase", you may change it according to your preference.
        • Reward Text - The text that usually appears under the title and shows the customer what they will receive if they participate in the campaign.  The rewards text will also be reflected in the Rewards History.
        Please note:
        Make sure that the reward text matches your chosen reward as it will not change automatically when you change the reward setting.
        • Description Text - The text that appears after a customer clicks on the campaign via the rewards page or Earning Points module. It gives a brief idea of how a reward can be earned.
        • Icon -The default icon for the campaign is a fa-dollar. You can replace it with any other Font Awesome icon.
        • Required Product IDs - This setting will require any order to include specific products to qualify for the reward.
        • Required Product Tags - This setting will require any order to include specific product tags to qualify for the reward.
        • If using required Products, what should we reward? - This will allow you to choose whether to reward the total amount of an order that includes the required product OR reward the total amount spent ONLY for the required product within an order, until it reaches the total goal spent, with either a single or separate purchase.
        • Exclude or Include specific customer tags – This selection allows you to limit the campaign to specific customers.
        • Customer Tags - A label that you create in your eCommerce platform to filter or group customers according to specific criteria. When this setting is populated, it will only make the campaign either available or unavailable to the customers with the specific customer tag.
        • Exclude or Include specific order tags - This selection allows you to limit the campaign to specific order tags.
        • Order Tags - These are tags that you can create, usually within your eCommerce platform, to group together and mark defined orders. E.g: Christmas Special, Employee gifts, etc.
        • Restrict Campaign to Customers With Certain Number of Orders - This is where you can set a minimum number of orders to qualify for the campaign.  You may choose to make this campaign applicable only for customers who purchased either an exact, less than, or greater number of orders.

        Ordergroove coupons

        As you add a new module instance, you will be able to select between one-time purchase redeemable coupons (i.e. regular Shopify coupons) and subscription redeemable coupons (i.e. Ordergroove coupons).

        Once the campaign is set, you can continue to configure the new redemption options - Ordergroove Fixed Amount and Ordergroove Percentage, which will appear only for merchants who added the Ordergroove integration.

        These coupons can then be used in the Redeem Points (Interactive) module, and apply only to recurring subscription orders.

        The first order of the subscription happens at checkout and uses regular Shopify/Generic coupons.

        Please note:
        • Ordergroove coupons must be set as redeemable coupons and not direct coupons

        • As Ordergroove coupons are automatically applied to the customer’s next subscription, redeemable coupons will be registered with the Redeem Points module and will not allow the customer to go through with the action if they do not have an active subscription where the discount can be applied

        • The module is not able to register direct coupons in the same way, which means the customer might "waste" a coupon on a non-existent subscription

        Adding Ordergroove coupons to on-site modules

        After creating the Ordergroove coupons in Loyalty & Referrals admin, you can create a Redeem Points (Interactive) module to implement on-site. 

        As you add a new module instance, you will be able to select between one-time purchase coupons (i.e. regular fixed amount coupons) and subscription coupons (i.e. Ordergroove coupons).

        The module will display the next order details and allow the customer to redeem points for a discount on that order. The discount will be applied automatically via API - no discount codes needed.

        Seeing the discounts in Ordergroove

        When an order is pulled in RC3, you will be able to see the discount amount under the One Time discount section:

        Please note:
        Currently, the One Time Discount section will not specify if the discount originated in Yotpo Loyalty.


        What if I want to reward recurring subscription orders using Punch Card or Goal Spend campaigns?

        This is only relevant to the Shopify integration and generic integration.
        You can use the order tag Ordergroove Subscription Order to reward Ordergroove orders in Punch Card and Goal Spend campaigns. This tag does not exist in Shopify - it is applied by Yotpo when we receive a recurring order from Ordergroove.

        What happens if a shopper applies a discount to a subscription order and then wishes to cancel the subscription?

        If a subscription order gets canceled after the points have already been used for a discount, the points will not be automatically refunded. You can manually adjust the customer’s point balance to add the points back to their account.

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