Lists & Segments in Yotpo SMS & Email

      Lists & Segments in Yotpo SMS & Email

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        The main difference between a list and a segment is that lists are static, and the contacts within them remain unchanged, while segments are dynamic and autofill with new subscribers.

        This post covers how to create a list and goes over the actions you can take afterward.

        Creating a new list

        To create a new list:

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Audience > Lists & Segments. You will see a predefined list called Text Marketing List (Auto-generated). This is the main list where all your new subscribers will be added from each source: checkout, subscription form, and keywords until you create more lists and start populating those. 
        2. Click on the Create new button at the top.
        3. From the Create new list/segment dropdown menu, select List and name it by writing an appropriate title in the List name box.
        4. Click  Create

        Congratulations! Your list has now been created.

        Your list will now appear under Lists & Segments and you can click on View to open it.

        Finding your list ID

        To find your list ID, click View. You will find the list ID at the end of the URL.

        Managing your lists

        Select the Actions button to: 

        • Import subscribers: to import your Klaviyo or Mailchimp lists, you'd first need to contact our support team for a review of the lists you wish to import, to ensure that all contacts have been gathered compliantly. Remember that all subscribers need to have given you their explicit consent for you to text them.
        • Send campaign: Create a new campaign (you will be redirected to the campaign creation page).
        • Delete: Delete your list.

        SMSBump Lists & Segments | Subscriber list editing and managing actions

        Click on View to get to the list you just created and click on Request data to export your complete list of contacts as a CSV file after filling in the requested information.


        Unsubscribing customers

        It’s of vital importance to be able to easily unsubscribe customers from your lists who no longer wish to receive SMS marketing. Here are the steps required:

        1. From the All Subscribers page select Unsubscribers.
        2.  Click Remove Subscriber, fill in the subscriber's country and phone number, and click Unsubscribe

        Exporting a list

        If you’d like to save your unsubscribed list as a CSV file click on the Request Data button, fill in the necessary information, and click on Send request. 

        SMSBump Lists & Segments | Full contact list export

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