Photos Dashboard Best Practices

      Photos Dashboard Best Practices

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        Get the most out of your data with a few tips and tricks to optimize your visual marketing assets. 

        Best practices:

        • Stay on top of your content generation per source to get an indication of how your visitors view and interact with your photos and which on-site assets are most effective for converting visitors to buyers. Use this data to optimize the placement of your on-site assets for the best possible results. 
        • See how many photos you’ve generated per product, and make sure they’re published to product pages. Get the per-product breakdown in the export.
        • A low number of impressions by widget may indicate that the widget's placement lacks visibility or relevance. To boost the number of impressions, strategically place your on-site assets to optimize visibility and exposure.
        • A widget showing a low click-through rate may indicate that the photos currently displayed may be outdated. We recommend regularly updating your visual content to keep it fresh and relevant for your visitors.

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