PieEye - Integration Guide for Reviews

      PieEye - Integration Guide for Reviews

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        Shopify, Shopify Plus, Adobe Commerce (Magento), BigCommerce, WooCommerce

        Through Yotpo's integration with PieEye, merchants can automate customer privacy requests, without the need of manual workflows, allowing for centralized privacy data management in one place.

        About PieEye

        PieEye is a compliance platform for eCommerce companies, encompassing both data privacy compliance and accessibility compliance. This brings companies into alignment with the Americans with Disability Act and Data Privacy laws around the world like GDPR, CCPA, and others.

        Integrating PieEye with Yotpo

        PieEye utilizes Yotpo’s Data Subject Request API to automate data subject requests on behalf of users. Calls to the API create access, erasure, or portability requests for the user’s data stored in Yotpo. To set up the connection (automate the Yotpo DSR API), you need to log in to the PieEye application and follow the following steps: 

        1. Log into PieEye.
        2. Select the relevant workspace in the top right corner.
        3. Select Data Source on the left menu.
        4. Click on Add Data Source.
        5. Fill in all data source details:
          • Name: Yotpo
          • Type: Connector
          • App: Yotpo
          • App Key: {Yotpo app key}
          • Secret Key: {Yotpo secret key}

        and save.

        Need help finding your app key and secret key?

        Yotpo should be created as a data source at that point.

        Click on it to edit credentials or delete it as a data source with the expanded menu.

        Forwarding requests

        To forward requests to other integrated partners on the Yotpo platform, connect Data Subject Request integrated partners from the platform directory and set up DSR forwarding in Setup > Outputs > Data Subject Requests

        Inbound DSRs will be forwarded to these partners.

        Having issues with the integration?
        Contact PieEye support at support@pii.ai

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