Privacy Changes with iOS 15

      Privacy Changes with iOS 15

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        What was updated with Apple's iOS 15 release?

        Apple released iOS 15, which will likely require a shift in your approach to email marketing. The new update allows customers to secure their privacy more than ever before. 

        What's changed?

        • Opened rates: Mail privacy protection removes the ability to accurately track open rates
        • Geo-targeting: The Private Relay service hides IP addresses and the understanding of which sites were visited
        • Email address visibility: The “Hide my email” feature allows users to mask their real email address with a fake one
        Please note:
        These mail privacy protection changesonly apply to Apple Mail customers.

        How can my brand prepare?

        While brands will need to alter their approach to email marketing, such as putting a focus on metrics that will matter (CTR, CVR, etc. vs. open rates), the good news is that as an Yotpo Email user, these are metrics that have always been a focus for understanding performance. We encourage you to lean into this. Here are 6 recommendations:

        1. Clean up your email lists by removing inactive recipients. 
        2. Analyze your automated flows and update conditions to focus on other engagement metrics such as clicks and conversions.
        3. For segments, update any email engagement segments to be based on clicks or conversions rather than opens.
        4. For messages that require more immediate action (i.e., 24-hour sale), consider orchestrating email with SMS. According to a recent survey, 58% of consumers prefer additional communications via text to know immediately about promotions, offers, and updates.
        5. Focus on making sure your email content is engaging with clear CTAs since CTR and CVR will become the KPIs that matter for email.
        6. With iOS 15 customers being a mobile-first audience, brands should be diversifying their marketing communications, and doubling down on reaching mobile consumers through enabling more SMS automations - all of which are possible via Yotpo Email's Flow Builder. 

        What is Yotpo SMS doing to accommodate the changes?

        Yotpo is fully supportive of these new changes to protect customers’ data and privacy. We believe customers deserve to receive the best mobile experiences and our goal is to ensure our brands have the tools to deliver. Here are a couple of ways we are focusing on to adapt: 

        • We are continuing to develop new engaging email templates that focus on the content with clear CTAs, to optimize for clicks and conversions. 
        • We are adding new segments that focus on your most engaged consumers.

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