Publishing Product Reviews as Site Reviews

      Publishing Product Reviews as Site Reviews

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        Site Reviews are an excellent way to ease potential buyer concerns by using real reviews to build confidence in your brand and establish buyer trust. Get the most out of your best product reviews by leveraging them to promote your brand.

        In this article, you'll learn how to publish product reviews as site reviews.

        Why are site reviews valuable?

        Site reviews play a major role in boosting your SEO ranking through Google seller ratings. Publishing product reviews as site reviews is an excellent way to meet Google's criteria for Google seller ratings. According to Google, adding seller ratings to Google Ads campaigns increases clickthrough rate by 17%!

        Learn more about enabling Google seller ratings through Yotpo in Google Seller Ratings.

        Please note:
        Google has strict requirements for which reviews are eligible for seller ratings. For example, merchants are not allowed to offer their customers financial incentives to write reviews of any kind. If you collect a product review that breaches these requirements and then publish it as a site review, this review will not be sent to Google.

        Which product reviews are suitable?

        When publishing product reviews as site reviews, we recommend sharing reviews that include broad content about your brand and service. For example, reviews that mention topics such as: 

        • Customer service
        • Shipping
        • Packaging
        • Brand 

        Publishing a product review as a site review

        1. From your Yotpo Reviews main menu, go to Reviews > Moderation.
        2. Browse to the review you want to publish as a site review.
        3. Click More Actions.
        4. Select Save as both product review and site review to add the review to the site reviews.

        Changing the status of a product review

        Once you set a product review as a site review, you break the connection between the source product and the review. If you want to revert the review status back from site review to product review, please contact our support team.


        If you regularly change the status of your product reviews to site reviews, we recommend you do not offer coupons as an incentive for submitting product reviews. According to Google seller rating requirements, offering an incentive for submitting a site review will render this review ineligible for Google seller ratings.

        1. From Moderate Content, browse to the review you'd like to publish as a product review.
        2. Click More Actions.
        3. Choose Post as product review only.

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