Review Requests Dashboard

      Review Requests Dashboard

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        Shopify, Shopify Plus, Adobe Commerce (Magento), BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Volusion, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Custom

        Gain full visibility into the review request status of your recent orders. The Requests Dashboard shows you which review request emails were sent, opened, scheduled, or led to a review being submitted. You’ll also be able to quickly see which requests were not sent, and identify the reason why.

        In this article, you'll learn how to read and interpret your data in the Review Requests Dashboard.

        Request statuses

        Review requests can have any of the following statuses:

        ScheduledThe review request will be sent out according to your review request trigger settings
        SentA review request was sent to the shopper’s email address
        OpenedThe shopper opened the review request in their email application
        ReviewedThe shopper opened the review request and submitted a review
        Limit exceededA review request was not sent because you’ve reached your order quota for this month. To keep sending review requests, you’ll need to upgrade your plan.
        Not sentA review request was not sent for one or more of the following reasons:
        - You added this email address to your blocklist- The shopper already reviewed this product within the last 12 months- The shopper received more than 5 emails from this email address within the last 30 days. In this case, the email will be sent once the 30 days have passed.
        StoppedA review request was not sent because you have automatic review requests turned off. Enable the toggle to send review requests.
        Do you have email reminders enabled?
        In this case, the request status will apply to the most recent review request attempt. For example, if a review request was sent to a shopper but they didn’t leave a review, the status will be Sent. If that same shopper then leaves a review as a result of receiving an email reminder, the status will change to Reviewed.

        Accessing the dashboard

        To access the Requests Dashboard, do the following:

        From your Yotpo Reviews main menu, go to Emails > Email Status


        Can I see the status of my targeted review requests?

        Not yet. This dashboard currently only shows the status of automatic review requests.

        I upgraded my plan after reaching my monthly quota of review requests. What will happen to the review requests that exceeded my previous plan?

        Once you upgrade, you’ll have the opportunity to send review requests for orders from the past 30 days that exceeded your previous limit. Just look out for the banner above your dashboard. Please note that once you select to send review requests for past orders, it can take up to 3 hours for them to appear in your dashboard.

        How far back can I see data from?

        We’ll show orders from the past 6 months. If you’re not seeing orders from that far back, it’s probably because you’re a new customer and you selected to sync only your more recent orders to Yotpo. For more information, contact Yotpo support.

        How often are my orders and review request statuses updated in the dashboard?

        We regularly refresh your data.

        • If you’re using Shopify, your data is refreshed every 3 hours. In some cases, it can take up to 5 hours for new orders to show.
        • If you’re using a different eCommerce platform, your data is refreshed every 24 hours.

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