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        Reviewer badges are a simple yet effective way to communicate the authenticity of your reviews to build buyer trust through increased transparency.

        Reviewer badges automatically appear as part of the Reviews Widget and require no additional implementation on your part. Yotpo supports three different reviewer types.

        • Verified Buyer
        • Verified Reviewer
        • Anonymous Reviewer 

        Verified Buyer

        The Verified Buyer badge is given to customers who review a product they purchased from your shop. The order information we receive from your eCommerce platforms allows Yotpo to verify the authenticity of the purchase and the reviewer.

        Whenever a review is submitted, Yotpo automatically runs the following verification processes:

        1. Verify the customer's email by sending the customer an email to authenticate their identity.
        2. Verify the reviewed product was purchased by them by checking the order data from your store from the last 12 months.

        All reviews marked with a Verified Buyer badge are eligible for Google Shopping Syndication

        The verification process applies to all reviews generated from the following sources:

        Please note:
        Targeted Site Review Requests will receive a Verified Reviewer badge as there is no associated product

        Verified Reviewer

        A Verified Reviewer is a reviewer who has confirmed their email address or connected a social network to Yotpo. As the Verified Reviewer badge involves a layer of social or email verification, it proves to shoppers that the review was written by an actual person and was not generated by a bot.

        Reviews that are created on-site through the Reviews Widget require reviewers to provide a star rating, review title, review content, reviewer name, and reviewer email address, or connect via their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ account.

        Social Verification:

        • Reviews verified via social account are created with the Verified Reviewer badge.

        Email Verification: 

        • Reviews verified via email are created as anonymous reviews (without any reviewer badge) until the reviewer confirms their email through the verification email sent by Yotpo. Once the email is confirmed, the Verified Reviewer badge is appended to the review. 
        Please note:
        Reviews collected from Yotpo Manual Review Requests are also treated as verified reviews and display verified reviewer badges accordingly.

        Anonymous Reviewer

        Reviews created on-site via the Reviews Widget that haven't been verified by email or social accounts are treated as anonymous reviews.

        These reviews appear like any regular review without any dedicated reviewer-type demarcation.

        Badge customization

        You may customize the Review Widget using the built-in settings, however, customization to the display of Reviewer Badges may only be made through the Widget CSS Editor.

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