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        Not sure where to start? Check out these commonly asked questions from other Yotpo users.

        You can import existing reviews you've already collected into Yotpo. If you're using Shopify and you're on a Free, Growth, or Prime plan, see Importing Reviews through the Yotpo Interface. If you're on a different platform, or using Shopify on a Premium or Enterprise plan, see Importing Reviews to Yotpo.

        To add the Yotpo Reviews Widget, go to this article and choose the guide relevant to your platform.

        You can share reviews across products by using product groups. To learn more about how to set up product grouping, and the basic requirements, check out our Grouping Products article.

        You can save time by automatically publishing all or some of your reviews without any action on your part. To learn how to do this, check out our Auto-Publishing Reviews article.

        You can use Yotpo to showcase your product reviews directly in Google Shopping. For more information on Google shopping, check out our Google Shopping Syndication article.

        Reward your customers for their product reviews

        Motivate your customers to talk about their experience with your products by rewarding them for sharing their thoughts using Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals.

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