Reviews Widget Troubleshooting Guide

      Reviews Widget Troubleshooting Guide

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        In this article, you'll learn how to troubleshoot common issues relating to the Reviews Widget.

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        Reviews are not showing

        If you're not able to see the reviews displaying on your store, please follow these troubleshooting steps in order to cancel out potential causes:

        1. Check the Reviews Widget is installed correctly

        If the Reviews Widget does not appear on your store as it does in the following screen capture, you will need to make sure it is installed according to the instructions for your platform in one of the guides.

        2. Check your store is linked to your Yotpo account

        The basic link between your store and our system that allows your reviews to be retrieved is established by the main JavaScript code. It includes your app key and makes a call to Yotpo's system.

        Please note:
        To find out what your app key is, please follow this guide.

        Please follow these steps to determine if the main JavaScript is perhaps missing or includes a wrong app key:

        1. Visit any of your store's pages, right-click on it and choose 'View page source'.
        2. Hit (⌘+F/Ctrl+F) and search for Yotpo.
        3. If your app key does not appear among the results, or a different one than yours appears instead, this means that Yotpo was installed either incorrectly or with a different account.

        To correct your installation, please follow the installation guide that applies to your platform.

        3. Check Yotpo's module/app is activated

        If you're using one of the following platforms, please make sure the Yotpo plugin is activated:

        • Adobe Commerce
        • WooCommerce
        • SalesForce Commerce Cloud

        4. Check the review is published

        Go to the Moderation panel within your admin to make sure a particular missing review is indeed published on the site. For more information about moderating reviews and publishing them, see here.

        5. Check the existing reviews are listed under their product

        The product ID is a key identifier used for loading your reviews by any of Yotpo's widgets.

        If you perhaps made some changes to your product, a new product ID might have been generated for it and the reviews are now associated with the old ID.

        This guide will instruct you on how to update the product ID for the missing reviews.

        6. (WooCommerce stores) Check you have enabled reviews for the product

        1. Log into your WooCommerce admin page
        2. Scroll to the Products section in the left-hand menu bar
        3. Click Products
        4. Click Edit for the products where the Reviews Widget does not show
        5. Scroll down to Product Data
        6. Click Advanced
        7. Ensure the Enable reviews checkbox is selected
        8. Click Update

        7. Check that Rocket Loader is not disrupting Yotpo's activity on your site

        Click here for more information on how to run the two apps together.

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