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      Rewards Page Banner Section

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        A Banner Section is one of the sections of the Rewards Page Builder. The Banner Section is a way to add an on-brand image to your page and let shoppers sign up/log in. 

        In this article, you'll learn how to customize everything from the fonts and default texts to the logged-in/logged-out state, and much more.

        Accessing the banner section

        To access the banner section in the Rewards Page Builder, do the following:

        1. In your Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals main menu, go to Display On-site > Rewards Page Builder.
        2. Click Create Rewards Page or open the page you want to edit.
        3. On the Sections tab, click Banner Section.

        Customizing the banner


        Here you can customize the placement of the text and buttons. Choose between 3 layout options: left, right, and centered.

        General appearance

        Here you can customize the fonts, image, and logged-in/logged-out texts to match your brand’s voice and tone.

        General appearance > Fonts & image

        FontsThe primary font and secondary font are two fonts that will apply in several places throughout your module. See a guide to adding a custom font.


        Images must be smaller than 2MB. We support JPG, PNG SVG, and GIF.

        Suggested size for desktop: 1920px x 600px

        Suggested size for mobile: 450px x 370px

        Advanced CSS editor

        If you'd like to make further customizations to the module, use our embedded CSS editor.

        Please note:
        Make sure to use our embedded CSS editor instead of hardcoding directly onto your storefront. We will not update a specific module instance if we detect that it will impact your live module version. Our team can only detect these issues if the CSS is in our editor.

        General appearance > Logged-out state

        This is what logged-out or new shoppers will see. Title (Logged-out state)Subtitle (Logged-out state)Register button

        Default text: "Join now." This button shows on the logged-out state, and it redirects the customer to your site's signup page.

        Login button

        Default text: "Login." This button shows on the logged-out state, and it redirects the customer to your site's login page.

        Where are the redirect URLs taken from?

        For both the Login button and the Register button, if you are using an e-commerce platform that has a pre-built integration with Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals, the URLs for the login/register pages are taken from the integration.

        If you are working with a generic or custom-built platform, this login page URL/Register page URL is defined in your settings page. You can change it here: Settings > Account Login URL.

        General appearance > Logged-in state

        This is what shoppers will see after they sign up or log in. Update the texts to match your brand’s voice and tone.

        Title (logged-in state)

         Subtitle (logged-in state)


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