Sending a Click-to-redeem SMS Campaign

      Sending a Click-to-redeem SMS Campaign

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        How it works

        Customers receive a message with a link leading them directly to your store’s homepage or a landing page of your choice. Once they get to checkout after adding a product to their cart, they will be able to see the automatically applied reward discount.

        Who is the target audience?

        Any SMS subscriber who qualifies for the defined fixed amount reward options. 

        These options are set from your loyalty program opt-in settings. Based on that, your target audience will vary in the following way:

        •  All customers are members - The target audience will include any SMS subscriber, regardless of their account status, if they have an eligible point balance based on the selected rewards.
        • Platform account - The target audience will include only SMS subscribers with an account and an eligible point balance, as they can only earn points if they’ve created a store account.

        Before you start

        To use the Click-to-redeem campaign, you’ll need an active Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals account that offers point redemption.

        Setting up Click-to-redeem

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Campaigns > My Campaigns.
        2. Click Create campaign.
        3. Select SMS, and click Create campaign.
        4. Browse the SMS templates and choose the Click-to-redeem campaign.
        5.  Choose reward options - If you select multiple options, customers will see the highest reward they’re eligible for. You can also specify a landing page on your website if you want to. If you leave the field empty the link will direct them to your store’s homepage.Reward options

        6. Set up the rest of the campaign and send your Click-to-redeem campaign. You can edit the message as you wish, A/B test it, and schedule it for a specific time. 

        Click-to-redeem shortcodes

        Once you choose the template, 3 new shortcodes will appear in your message. They include the following information for each customer:

        • Redeemable Reward - shows a customer the dollar amount their points are worth (i.e., $10 Off)
        • Cost in Points - shows a customer the number of points that reward will cost them (i.e., 200)
        • Reward Redemption URL - the mandatory link for all CTR campaigns that the customer clicks to redeem the offer

        Feel free to contact Yotpo SMS support if you have any questions or feedback.

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