Sending Email Campaigns Based on Subscriber Engagement

      Sending Email Campaigns Based on Subscriber Engagement

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        Sending emails to unengaged contacts can harm your sender reputation and deliverability, as it may lead to spam complaints or unsubscribes. To help you maintain a good reputation, Yotpo Email allows you to identify and exclude unengaged subscribers with one click. In this article, we will guide you through the process of sending email campaigns based on subscriber engagement.

        What are unengaged contacts?

        Unengaged contacts refer to subscribers who have shown minimal or no interaction with your email campaigns over a certain period of time. They may not open your emails, click on links, or take any desired actions. These contacts are considered less responsive and may negatively impact your email marketing performance.

        Based on the analysis of subscriber engagement levels and campaign frequency, we can exclude these contacts from your campaign audience. This ensures that your campaigns reach engaged subscribers, maximizing their effectiveness and enhancing your overall marketing strategy. Not only that, but also contributes to maintaining a positive sender reputation with Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

        Excluding unengaged contacts from your audience

        To make sure your campaign is sent to your most engaged subscribers, you need to follow these simple steps:

        1. Create a new email campaign or go to a draft one.
        2. Select the audiences you want to include and exclude.
        3. Tick the Skip unengaged contacts box below. The number shown will be calculated for every campaign based on the selected audience’s engagement levels and how recently they have received emails from you in the past.
        Please note
        The checkbox may not always show up. It will only appear if you have an established campaign history and not during warmup periods. Additionally, for smaller campaigns or when the number of unengaged contacts is minimal, this checkbox will not be visible.

        The number of unengaged contacts is calculated at the time of scheduling and is subject to change when sending the campaign.

        Next steps

        The more you skip unengaged contacts, the better your campaigns will perform! You'll see a boost in deliverability rates and overall performance. To improve your email deliverability even more check out our best practices article.

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