Sendtric - Integration Guide with Yotpo SMS & Email

      Sendtric - Integration Guide with Yotpo SMS & Email

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        Integrate Sendtric with Yotpo SMS & Email to elevate your email campaigns and maximize your ROI.

        Sendtric’s easy-to-integrate, free countdown timers help create a sense of urgency and excitement by counting down the days, hours, and minutes leading up to a sale or promotion end date.

        In this article, we will show you how to add a Sendtric countdown timer to your Yotpo email campaigns.

        About Sendtric

        Sendtric lets you create countdown timers for emails. Maximize conversions, generate more sales, and inject urgency into your landing pages, emails, and marketing touchpoints with Sendtric’s customizable countdown timers.

        Creating your Sendtric email countdown timer

        Go to Sendtric’s website and create your email countdown timer:

        1. Add your email address, set the timer end date and time, and choose your customization options.
        2. When you’re ready, click Generate and copy the unique HTML code that is generated and displayed on the right.

        Adding the HTML timer code to an email

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Campaigns and choose the email campaign or template to which you would like to add your countdown timer. You can select an existing campaign or start from scratch using a new template.
        2. Scroll down to the Email Content section of the chosen campaign or template and click Edit content.
        3. Add a new HTML block to your email - drag the block onto your email template and position it according to where the Sendtric countdown timer should appear.
        4. Paste your Sendtric HTML code directly into the container of your content block
        5. Click Save & close.

        Test your countdown timer

        Your Sendtric countdown timer will now be displayed in your email design. If you’re not happy with the placement, simply drag and drop the content block to move your countdown timer to a different location.

        When you are happy with your email design, run a test send, and then share your conversion-optimized email campaign with your subscribers.

        Having issues setting up the countdown timer?
        Contact Sendtric support at

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