Setting Customer Attributes Rules in Segments

      Setting Customer Attributes Rules in Segments

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        Using the customer attributes filter, you can manage your audience by focusing on creating strong SMS marketing campaigns for customers who fall under specific categories.

        In this post you will learn how to create a dynamic segment that collects and adds new customers who correspond to different customer attributes:

        • Tagged with: Segment customers based on the tags they have been given. (These tags are set up in Shopify’s menu under Customers).
        • Not tagged with: Segment customers based on tags they haven’t been given yet.
        • Account status: Segment customers based on whether their account is enabled, disabled, invited or declined.
        • Date created: Segment customers based on when they were created — last week, last month, in the last 3 months, in the last year, exact date, on or before, on or after a specific date.

        On the app menu, click on Lists & Segments.

        After that, click on create new to create a new segment. Under the Type drop-down menu choose Segment and give it a name under Enter a unique name for your segment.


        Under Select filter, you will be able to choose from a number of different segment filters. 

        We have created an instructional blog post for each segment filter below, so you can click on the desired filter to learn how to set it up later.

        Under Customer attributes, let’s start off with Tagged with.


        Tagged with 

        You are able to assign unique tags to customers in Shopify’s menu under Customers. Tags group your customers together and make SMS marketing campaigns more targeted.

        Some example tags are: women, VIP, American. The tags will appear in the drop down menu, and you will be able to select the desired one by clicking on it.


        Not Tagged with

        You can also target customers who don’t have a certain tag assigned. This might be useful in cases when you want to exclude a certain group from receiving an exclusive deal made to everyone else.

        Account Status

        Manage your time better by only sending an SMS marketing campaign to customers whose accounts are Enabled in Shopify. Meanwhile, you can write a message to those Invited with a strong incentive to purchase a new quality product of yours with a special discount.


        Date Created

         Use this filter to create tailored messages to new customers offering special discounts on their first purchase, or stimulate customers who have been with you for a long while by introducing an exciting new product to them.customer_attributes_date_created_SMSBump

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