Setting up Single Sign-On

      Setting up Single Sign-On

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        Implement our SAML-based single sign-on solution and gain a more secure and unified login experience. By using single sign-on, you and your teammates will be automatically authenticated whenever you log into Yotpo, ensuring the highest level of security and reducing login issues.

        In this article, you'll learn how to set up single sign-on.

        What’s supported?

        This feature was designed for medium to large-sized enterprise companies with strict security requirements.

        You can use our single sign-on solution with any Identity Provider (IDP) that supports SAML protocol. This includes Okta, OneLogin, OneGate, Microsoft ADFS, Oracle Identity Federation, Intel Cloud SSO, Trustelem, and many more.

        Setting up single sign-on with Okta

        Before you start

        • Please contact your Yotpo representative to request your Org key
        • Make sure you are using the Okta Classic UI view:

        Setting it up

        To set up single sign-on:

        1. Log into your Okta account.
        2. Go to the Applications tab.
        3. Click Add Applications > Create New App.
        4. Choose Web with SAML 2.0 settings.
        5. Set Yotpo as the app name and upload this logo.
        6. Click Next and set the SAML settings as follows:
        7. Click Next and finish setting up the app.
        8. Go to the Sign on tab for the Yotpo app and click View Setup Instructions. 
          Here you'll find the Certificate plaintext (4) in and the idp_entity_id (3). 
        9. Send these entities to your Yotpo representative.

        Setting up single sign-on with a different IDP

        Please reach out to your Yotpo representative and we’ll help you get set up.

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