Setting up Yotpo Reviews on a Headless Platform

      Setting up Yotpo Reviews on a Headless Platform

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        Headless commerce architecture underpins an eCommerce solution with headless content management capabilities. That means a Customer Management System that stores, manages, and delivers content without a front-end delivery layer.

        With a headless platform, the front end (or the “head”) — which in most cases is a template or theme — has been decoupled and removed, leaving only the back end.

        The backend of the platform is directly connected to Yotpo and automatically sends order information. A headless implementation allows you to create a custom customer-facing shop while managing your orders and related info in an eCommerce platform.

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        To integrate the backend of your store, please follow the guide relevant to your eCommerce platform:

        To integrate the front end of your store, refer to our Generic Integration guide.

        If you are using dynamic content loading on your site, please review this article on how to re-initialize Yotpo after content is fully loaded on the page.

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