Creating a Double Points Earning Rule on Shopify

      Creating a Double Points Earning Rule on Shopify

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        You have the option to award customers twice as many points using the Points for Purchases earning rule (previously known as a campaign). This is a great way to boost sales around big holidays and increase the frequency of purchases and average order value.

        In this article, you'll learn how to use the Points for Purchases earning rule to offer customers double the usual amount of points.

        Setting up a double points earning rule

        To run a double points promotion, you will need to create two Points for Purchases earning rules and have them run simultaneously.

        1. From your Loyalty & Referrals admin menu, go to Set Up Program > Earning Rules. 
        2. Click Create earning rule.
        3. Select Points for Purchases and then click Next.
        4. Under Points for Purchases settings, enter the same points value as your original Points for Purchases earning rule. 
        5. Click Save.
        To check what points value is set for your original Points for Purchases rule, go to the Earning Rules page.

        Scheduling a double points promotion for a limited period of time

        You can use the scheduling feature to run double points for purchases for a limited period of time.

        This feature is available for Loyalty & Referrals customers on Premium and Enterprise plans.

        In this case, your base Points for Purchases earning rule remains running regularly, while your second rule will be scheduled to begin and end on a certain date and time.

        To set a schedule for your second points for Purchases rule, do the following:

        1. From the relevant Points for Purchases earning rule page, click Advanced settings.
        2. Under Schedule rule, set a start date/time and an end date/time.
        3. Click Save.

        To learn more about scheduling earning rules, refer to our Scheduling an Earning Rule article.

        Additional options for applying double points

        Offering double points for specific products, customers, etc.

        If you want to promote certain products or attract specific customers (for ex: new customers), you make double points available only for them. To do this, edit the Advanced settings in both Points for Purchases earning rules. 

        Double points for VIP tiers

        VIP Tiers are available for merchants on Premium and Enterprise plans.

        Double Points for Purchases can also be added to VIP tiers that have point multipliers. If you want your second Points for purchases earning rule to apply to these tiers, do the following: 

        1. In your Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals main menu, go to Set Up Program > VIP Tiers Program.
        2. Click the tier where you want your points multiplier to apply to both Points for Purchases earning rules.
        3. Under Apply Points Multiplier to These Campaigns, check the box next to the newly added points for purchases earning rule.
        4. Repeat these steps for any other tiers that have point multipliers. 

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