Shopify: Fixing Invalid Credentials

      Shopify: Fixing Invalid Credentials

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        If you've received this notification, there might be an issue with your Shopify credentials which may result in a loss of connection between Yotpo and your Shopify store.

        This means that Yotpo is unable to retrieve orders from your shop and subsequently, Automatic review request emails will not be sent to shoppers. 

        To fix your Shopify credentials in Yotpo Reviews:

        1. Click the following notification:

        2. Follow steps 1 and re-enter your Shopify Domain:
        3. Click Save Changes. The below message appears confirming that your credentials have been fixed. If it does not appear, click the click here line in Step 3 in the Integrations page
        Didn't do the trick?
        If the issue persists, please contact Yotpo Support.

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