Shopify: Installing Yotpo Reviews on Online Store 2.0

      Shopify: Installing Yotpo Reviews on Online Store 2.0

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        Add Yotpo Reviews to your Shopify store in just a few clicks so you can start collecting reviews immediately. With Yotpo's Shopify integration, you can easily import your existing reviews from other platforms to Yotpo, and use your customer content to increase conversion rate, establish trust, and drive more traffic from social.

        In this article, you'll learn how to install Yotpo Reviews on Shopify Online Store 2.0.

        This guide is for Yotpo Reviews customers using Shopify Online Store 2.0. If you’re using a vintage Shopify theme, please refer to our Shopify vintage guide. If you’re not sure which theme version you’re using, refer to the instructions in Shopify.

        Getting started

        First, you'll need to add the Yotpo app to your Shopify account. 

        Do the following:

        1. From Shopify, click Apps.
        2. Click Visit Shopify App Store.
        3. Search and choose Yotpo: Photo & Product Reviews.
        4. Click Add App.
        5.  Click Install app
        6. Create a password for your Yotpo account.

        Installing Yotpo

        We’ll guide you through the following steps to make sure everything runs smoothly:

        From the Yotpo installation wizard, do the following:

        1. Customize your automatic review request email.
        2. Customize your Reviews Widget.
        3. Click to open your Shopify theme editor. The editor will open in a new tab.
        It’s important you open the editor from this link so we can enable Yotpo on your store. You can verify that Yotpo is enabled by going to Theme Settings > App embeds, and checking that Yotpo Reviews is toggled on.

        From your Shopify theme editor, do the following:

        1. On the left of your screen, add a block or section, depending on where you want to place the Reviews Widget and/or Star Rating.
        2. Select and add the Reviews Widget, and place it in your desired location.
        3. (optional) Add the Star Rating in the same way.
        4. Click Save.
        Please note:
        By default, the reviews and star rating will reflect the product the shopper is looking at. If you want to display the reviews and star rating for a different product, you can adjust the product in the relevant app block.

        From the installation wizard, click Continue to Yotpo Reviews to continue setting up your Yotpo Reviews account.

        Experiencing issues?
        You can reach out to our friendly support team or try installing Yotpo manually. To learn how to install manually, refer to our Shopify vintage guide.

        Keeping your Yotpo product catalog up-to-date

        Our integration with Shopify enables you to keep your Yotpo product catalog up-to-date at all times. Learn more about pushing updates from your Shopify product catalog to your Yotpo product catalog in Shopify: Automatic Product Catalog Update.

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