Shopify: Uninstalling Yotpo Reviews

      Shopify: Uninstalling Yotpo Reviews

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        If you want to uninstall Yotpo Reviews from your store, you need to follow these steps:

        1. Disable Yotpo email notifications.
        2. Uninstall the Yotpo application.
        3. Deactivate your Yotpo account.

        If you want to temporarily disable Yotpo, you can do so by adding <!-- and --> to the start and the end of the Yotpo code.

        By adding this piece of code, you will not need to re-add the Yotpo code.

        Disable notifications within the Yotpo admin

        1. Access your Yotpo Reviews admin.
        2. Click on Settings (On the top right).
        3. Select Account Setting.
        4. Click on Email Preferences.
        5. Disable each notification you do not want to receive.
        6. Click on Save.

        Comment-out the Yotpo JavaScript

        1. Access your Shopify account.
        2. Click on Online Store.
        3. Click on Themes.
        4. Click on Actions and select 'Edit Code'.
        5. Locate the theme.liquid theme file, under 'Layouts'.
        6. Click on Ctrl+F and search 'Yotpo'.
        7. Comment out the related code by adding <!-- at the beginning of the code element and --> at the end.
        8. Click Save.

        Please note:
        If you are unable to locate the Yotpo JavaScript, please skip this step.

        Uninstall the Yotpo Application

        1. Open your Shopify admin.
        2. Click Apps.
        3. Search for Yotpo Reviews.
        4. Click the x.
        5. Confirm that you want to uninstall the application.

        Deactivate your Yotpo Account

        To prevent additional emails (review requests, etc.) from being sent to your customers, open a ticket with Yotpo Support with a request to deactivate your account.

        Make sure to let the Support team know whether you have already uninstalled the Yotpo app from your site.

        If you would like to access the account in the future, you can do so by using your current credentials.

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