Shopify: Yotpo Shows Incorrect Reviews Count

      Shopify: Yotpo Shows Incorrect Reviews Count

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        What's the issue?

        Shopify users have the option to duplicate their products. When they choose this option, Shopify will also duplicate the old product meta fields, causing the manual Rich Snippets markup, Reviews Widget, Star Rating, and Q&A widget to show the incorrect number of reviews for a specific product.

        This product, for example, has 36 reviews:As soon as we create a duplicate product, we can see that all the reviews appear here as well:The duplicate product received the meta fields from the original product

        How to fix it

        To solve this, we need to remove the meta fields from the Star Rating and Reviews Widget features by implementing the steps below.

        Please note:
        You can also wait 24 hours for the meta fields to get automatically updated and solve the issue
        1. Go to Shopify's App Store and download the Metafields Guru app (it's free!)
          Please note:
          Metafields Guru is a third party app extension and is not supported by Yotpo. If you encounter any issues with the app, please contact their support team at
          Feel free to use any Metafields editing app.
        2. Once you added the app, open it click on Products & Variants
        3. Choose the duplicate product
        4. Delete the meta fields of the Star Rating (bottomline), Q&A (q&a_bottomline) and Reviews Widget (1000,1001, etc):                        
          Please Note:
          The Reviews Widget's meta fields might be divided into a couple of sections named 1000, 1001, etc’:
        5. Use the on-site Reviews Widget to write a new review  
        6. Unpublish the review added via the moderation section of your Yotpo admin

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