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        Shoppable Instagram establishes the shortest path from your Instagram account to your store's product pages by creating a shoppable version of your Instagram feed.

        Shoppers who visit your Instagram profile can access your Shoppable Instagram page via a link in your Instagram bio. The Shoppable Instagram feed allows your followers to click through to your store's product pages where they can conveniently purchase products they just discovered through your Instagram feed.

        Please note:
        The Shoppable Instagram gallery displays the photo, likes, tagged products, caption, star rating, and the number of times the product was purchased in the last 30 days (if more than ten). Videos will not be displayed. The gallery will only display media that you have curated.

        Accessing Shoppable Instagram

        To access Shoppable Instagram:

        In the Yotpo Visual UGC main menu, go to Galleries > Shoppable Instagram.

        Overview of Shoppable Instagram


        See a real-time visual reflection of your customizations in the preview pane on the right.

        Toggle between the desktop and mobile icons to view the relevant preview.


        Page TitleCheck the box to enable the title of
        your Shoppable Instagram Page.
        Enter custom text in the Page Title field
        2Button TextCheck the box to enable the text that appears in the call to action button in your Instagram gallery. Enter custom text in the CTA Button Text field
        3Call to Action Button ColorCustomize the text and border color of the Call To Action button by entering the HEX color code in the CTA Button Color field, or click the field to choose a custom color
        4Star RatingCheck the box in order to display the Star Ratings
        5Star Rating ColorCustomize the color of the Star Rating stars by entering the HEX color code in the Star Rating Color field, or click the field to choose a custom color
        6Include Promoted ProductsSuggest related or complementary products within your Shoppable Instagram Gallery. Click hereto read more about Promoted Products
        7Link to your Shoppable Instagram
        8Copy LinkCopy the link for the Website section of your Instagram profile.
        9Save ChangesSave changes to your configuration
        Please note:

        If you have the Widget CSS Editor enabled, you will not see the option to switch the element colors as seen in this image. You will be able to perform such changes via the CSS Editor: 

        Please note:
        Photos are displayed on Shoppable Instagram according to the date on which they were published on Instagram. Photos that were designated as favorites will appear first regardless of the date

        To access the Photos Curation page:

        1. Log into Yotpo Visual UGC.
        2. Click Visual Curation. When curating photos from Instagram in the Photos Curation page, you have the option to add photos from any source to your Shoppable Instagram album by clicking on the Albums button located under each photo.

        A photo must be tagged with a product in order to be added to this album. The Shoppable Instagram album is automatically created and can be found under Custom Albums. Every photo that appears in this album will also appear in the gallery in the same order.

        Once in the album, you can easily remove photos from the album by clicking the Albums button and removing the Shoppable Instagram checkbox, or by using bulk actions. 

        Sorting Shoppable Instagram

        By default, photos are sorted and displayed according to the date when they were created (newest first) and then alternated by source (e.g. Instagram, Reviews, On-Site Upload) in chronological order. Photos designated as Favorite will always appear first, regardless of their creation date. 

        If you prefer to display photos according to their last moderated date instead of the recently created date, please reach out to your Yotpo account representative for assistance.

        Linking followers to your Shoppable Instagram page

        Your Instagram followers can access your Shoppable Instagram page through your Instagram profile. 

        1. Once you have finished customizing your Shoppable Instagram design, click Save Changes.
        2. Enter the URL for your Shoppable Instagram page in the
          • We recommend using your Instagram username here
        3. Click Copy Link.
        4. Paste the link in the 'Website' field of your Instagram profile page.
        Not sure how to update your Instagram profile? Log in to your Instagram account through your browser and then click here. For additional instructions, refer to this article.
        To help drive additional traffic to your Shoppable Instagram page, add captions to your Instagram photos and instruct followers to click the link in your Instagram bio.content goes here

        e.g. "Gotta have these shoes? Click the link in our bio"

        Please note:

        By default, Shoppable Instagram is hosted on the domain.

        See this article if you prefer to host Shoppable Instagram on a dedicated page on your site.

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