Syncing Your Omnisend and Yotpo SMS & Email Subscribers

      Syncing Your Omnisend and Yotpo SMS & Email Subscribers

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        Omnisend is an omnichannel marketing automation platform for growth-focused eCommerce businesses. It is user-friendly, automated, and can be easily integrated with Yotpo SMS & Email so merchants can sync both email and SMS subscribers catering to and engaging with them on the channels they prefer.

        In this article, you'll learn how to integrate Yotpo SMS & Email and Omnisend.

        Before you start

        Make sure you have the Omnisend app installed on your Shopify store. 

        Step 1: Generating an Omnisend API key

        To sync subscribers between apps, you must generate an API key from Omnisend. This is done from your Omnisend account. 

        Go to your Omnisend Store settings and navigate to the API keys section.

        API keys

        Click on the CREATE API KEY button, choose the I want to set up custom permissions for this API key option, and make sure all the Permissions are ticked. You can give the key a name to know where you’ll be using it. Click Save and copy the generated key, 

        New API key

        Step 2: Enable the integration in Yotpo SMS & Email

        Now you just need to log into your Yotpo SMS & Email account and, in the main menu, go to Integrations. Click Omnisend

        You’ll see the Omnisend integration page where you simply have to paste the API key that you generated before in the Private API Key box and click on the Install button

        Omnisend page

        The page will refresh automatically, and you’ll see the following integration settings: 

        • Integration status: Use this toggle button to enable or disable the integration.
        • Sync Email subscribers to Omnisend: Enable this to send all email subscribers collected with SMS & Email to an Omnisend list. 
        • Sync Omnisend SMS subscribers to SMS & Email: Enable this to send all SMS subscribers from Omnisend to an automatically created SMS & Email list. 
        • Manually sync Omnisend SMS subscribers to SMS & Email: Click on this button to immediately sync subscribers between platforms, based on the previous settings. 


        You can check your Omnisend SMS subscribers anytime. Just go to Audience > Lists & Segments.

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