Tapcart - Yotpo Integration Guide

      Tapcart - Yotpo Integration Guide

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        The Tapcart integration with Yotpo Reviews, Loyalty & Referrals, Subscriptions, and Visual UGC enables brands to create a seamless and effortless mobile shopping experience. Allowing customers to engage with reviews, visual UGC, subscriptions, and loyalty & referral programs directly from the mobile app helps increase engagement, conversions, and customer lifetime value.

        Loyalty & Referrals:

        • Give your customers the best mobile shopping experience by providing them with the ability to easily earn, track, and redeem rewards right in the mobile app
        • Allow your most engaged shoppers who have the mobile app to refer a friend directly within their Tapcart mobile shopping app


        • Add product reviews directly to the mobile app PDPs to enable customers to shop with confidence
        • Collect more influential reviews from shoppers directly from within the app

        Visual UGC:

        • Display an album of shoppable images on your mobile app homepage
        • Add product specific UGC galleries  on mobile app product details pages


        • Let customers make shipping and product changes to their upcoming subscriptions via their mobile app

        About Tapcart

        Tapcart is a Shopify Plus Certified App Partner with thousands of the world’s fastest-growing Shopify brands. With Tapcart, your brand can launch a world-class mobile shopping app that increases conversion and retention with no coding needed.

        Having issues with the integration?
        Contact Tapcart support for assistance at help@tapcart.co

        Integrating Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals with Tapcart

        Before you begin, you’ll need your Yotpo API Key and GUID. If you’re not sure how to find them, see this help article.

        1. Open your Shopify admin and click the Apps tab.
        2. Find the app titled Loyalty & Referrals by Yotpo.
        3. Click the Settings tab.
        4. On the Tapcart Yotpo Loyalty integration page, copy and paste your API Key and GUID values into the relevant fields.
        5. Customize the Loyalty page on the mobile app within Tapcart.

        Yopto loyalty and tapcartYou can manage your Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals integration from the Integrations tab of your Tapcart Dashboard.You can customize the following fields to keep your Loyalty program on-brand:

        • Rewards Web URL

        Connect your Store’s dedicated webpage to your Rewards Program. Your mobile app users can access the URL in the info icon on the upper right-hand corner of the Loyalty User Account View. This field is optional

        • Custom Banner

        Show off your branding and add a splash of color in the Loyalty User Account View. The banner will also show in the Redemption Viewwithin the cart and checkout. The Custom Banner is required to enable the integration.

        • Customer Referral Program Description

        Customize a message your customers will see to encourage them to share a referral link.

        • Customer Referral Program Share Message

        Customize the message that your consumers will share.

        Please note:
        • Awarding points: supported campaigns in the mobile app only include: Points for Purchases, Create an Account and Referrals. Other campaigns (such as social follow, birthday, and more) are currently only available through the "Rewards Web URL" link in the mobile app rewards page - a link leading from the mobile app to a mobile web browser with the Yotpo Rewards page.
        • Redeeming points: Only the ‘Fixed amount’ or ‘Percentage’ coupon types are supported in the app. If you are offering other types of redemption options on-site, you should create separate coupons for the mobile app and hide them from your web view. You will need to share the specific coupon IDs for the mobile app with your Tapcart representative. To clarify, you can still have product redemption, dynamic point redemption, or any other redemption format on-site, you will simply need to have fixed coupons available for Tapcart as well. 
        • In order to utilize the loyalty functionality, the consumer must be logged into their account: 
        1. To view loyalty rewards account info, the User Account View will have a new CTA to view their loyalty rewards account info.
        2. To redeem points for rewards, the Cart and Checkout Views will have a new CTA in the top-right corner that will open a new view to browse redemption options.
        • Once a reward is redeemed, it will automatically apply to the checkout as a discount or gift card.
        • Subscription products added via ReCharge can't currently be purchased using discounts/gift cards in Tapcart. This includes any rewards from a loyalty provider.

        Learn more about this integration in the Tapcart help article.

        Integrating Yotpo Reviews with Tapcart

        Before you begin, you’ll need your Yotpo app key. If you’re not sure how to find it, see this article.

        1. In your Tapcart Merchant dashboard, go to the Yotpo Reviews integration page.
        2. Add your Yotpo app key to the relevant field.

        Learn more about this integration in the Tapcart help article.

        Yotpo will work instantly in the app and requires no backend installation.

        Integrating Yotpo Visual UGC with Tapcart

        Before you begin, you’ll need your Yotpo app key. If you’re not sure how to find it, see this article.

        1. In your Tapcart Merchant dashboard, go to the Yotpo Visual UGC integration page.
        2. In the relevant field, add your Yotpo app key and the name of the Yotpo album you want to display on your mobile app homepage.
        3. Add the Yotpo UGC blocks to your mobile app homepage and/or product details page, as relevant.
        Please note:
        The Yotpo UGC block will only appear on product detail pages that have published content tied to that product. Learn more about this integration in the Tapcart help article.

        Integrating Yotpo Subscriptions with Tapcart

        Creating a custom screen in Tapcart:

        1. In Tapcart, navigate to App Studio and select Custom Screens.
        2. Select Create a Custom Screen.
        3. Enter the screen title.
        4. Enter the web page URL - this should be the URL where you manage subscription modules live on-site.
        5. Choose if you want to require customer authentication. There are two different options for authentication:
          • If you do not require authentication, the screen will be accessible by any user regardless of whether they are logged in or not. This requires the use of ShopifyMultipass.

            We recommend using Shopify Plus’ Multipass feature. To learn more about Multipass, see Shopify’s Dev docs.

          • If you are not on Shopify Plus or wish to require authentication, the mobile app will take any unauthenticated user to the login screen of the mobile app where they will return to the original screen after logging in.
        6. Once your custom screen is created, install the Web Bridge SDKon your website.
          • The Web Bridge SDK provides a seamless way for web pages to communicate and interact with your Tapcart app through a WebView.
          • Once installed, the header/footer of your web page will be hidden. You can also hide additional elements and implement app actions to invoke actions in your mobile app from interactions that take place within your web page.

        Once the above steps are completed, make sure to add the screen to your navigation so users can access it.

        More details can be found in the Custom Screens Guide.

        Once Yotpo is supported within your mobile app, customers can make changes to their shipping actions and product-level actions. 

        To learn more about these actions, see Managing Customer Subscriptions.


        Will purchases that were made in the mobile app be included in Yotpo point for purchase campaigns?


        Can purchases that were made in the mobile app be eligible for bonus points?

        No, currently orders are from the app and on the website are treated the same way.

        Will customer accounts created through the mobile app count for Yotpo account creation campaign?

        Yes, since the account is created in the ecommerce platform.

        Which other Yotpo campaigns can be completed on the mobile app?

        The mobile app links to your Yotpo rewards page on a mobile browser, so all campaigns available on-site will also be interactive in the mobile app.

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