Updating The Product Catalog

      Updating The Product Catalog

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        In this article, you'll learn how to update products in the catalog that you have already imported into your Yotpo Account. 

        If you're using Shopify as your eCommerce platform, please see Keeping your Shopify Yotpo product catalogs updated. If you want to add products, see Importing Product Catalogs.

        Getting started

        • You can choose to upload the whole product catalog file each time, or you can just upload a file with the products you updated. Products that have not been modified will not be updated. 
        • Syndicating reviews? Updating product specs (SKU, UPC, MPN, Brand, or ISBN) might affect review syndication since product matching is done according to the specs.
          If you're not sure, contact Yotpo support before proceeding.
        Yotpo strongly recommends that you add the Product Image URL information so your product images will show in Yotpo's social features, for promoted products, and so on.

        Preparing your file

        • If you are using Excel, see this article for more information
        • Be sure that the CSV file does not contain any empty rows between products. The rows of data must be continuous
        • If you are using a spreadsheet program, import the CSV file. Do not open it as numbers may not be preserved correctly

        Product tagging

        If you're including product tags in your CSV import file, be sure to check out the guidelines and best practices here:

        Updating the product catalog

        All that's required is to download the product catalog as a CSV (comma-separated value) file, update it, and re-upload it. You'll get a confirmation email when the updates have been processed.

        There is no limit to the number of rows you can include in the CSV file.

        To download the file:

        1. In Yotpo Reviews, click the Profile icon at the top right corner.
        2. Click Account Settings > Product Catalog.
        3. Choose theUpdate Products tab.
        4. To generate a full product catalog including products on your blocklist, check the Include blocklisted products box. To generate a product catalog that excludes products on your blocklist, leave the box unchecked.
        5. Enter your email address.
        6. Click Send Catalog. Yotpo will generate your existing catalog and send it to the email specified.  Please note that this may take some time for larger files. 
        7. Make the required updates with the product catalog and save the file as a UTF-8 CSV file.
          • Ensure the file encoding is in UTF-8
          • Ensure you do not have duplicate IDs
          • Ensure that you only include IDs for products you want to modify
          • Ensure you have added any products you don't want to send review requests for to your blocklist
          • Check that the URLs are formatted correctly, for example with http:// or https:// at the start
          • Ensure there are no empty rows between the data in the catalog
          • Make sure that product tags do not contain commas and that you have not included more than one tag per field
        8. Click Upload Catalog and upload your updated catalog file. You'll receive a success email once your catalog is updated in the Yotpo system.
        • Product IDs cannot be modified
        • New products should only be created via the Import Products tab
        • If you're using Microsoft Excel, please refer to this guide
        We recommend using LibreOffice or Google Sheets when working with the downloaded file.
        Product ID

        String/Unique IDThis string is used to identify the product in the catalog. It is used both for review syndication and for Google Shopping review feeds. Learn more about unique identifiers
        Product specification values support alphanumeric (a...z, A...Z, 0...9), "_" and "-" characters only.
        Product Name
        TextThe name of the productT-shirt
        Product DescriptionTextDescription of the productStylish Yotpo-branded T-shirt
        Product URL
        Full URL The URL of the product on your storehttp://magento.yotpo.com/index.php/
        Product Image URLFull URLThe URL of the product imagehttp://magento.yotpo.com/media/catalog/
        Product PriceIntegerThe price of the product15
        CurrencyCurrency type/abbreviationThe currency according to the ISO 4217 formatUSD
        Spec UPC
        Universal Product Code
        Spec SKU
        Stock-Keeping Unit
        Spec Brand
        Spec MPN
        Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)
        Spec ISBN
        International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
        Product Tag
        The tag for the product used in custom forms. This field can accept one tag per product and cannot contain commas.
        Learn more in Custom Questions

        BlacklistedBooleanSend (false) or do not send (true) review requests for this product.
        The text must be lowercase.

        Product GroupTextThe group you want to assign the product to.

        You can assign a maximum of 1,000 products to a group.
        Learn more in Grouping Products
        Product Group Names cannot contain spaces and must not exceed 100 characters.
        Only lowercase alphanumeric characters (a...z, 0...9) and the "_" and "-" symbols.
        Product CollectionsTextAssign products to collections according to store categories.

        There is no limit to the number of products you can add to a collection.
        T-Shirts, Summer Collection, Sale, Clearance, Black Friday


        Any products that were not updated correctly will be flagged with an error message.

        "There are one or more invalid inputs. Check product details and try again" message appears in the CSV fileThe data is invalid, for example, a mandatory value is missing.Check the rows with the error code and re-upload the data.
        "Cannot create products on update mode"Some of the products you are trying to update don't yet exist in your Product Catalog Please see the Importing your Product Catalog article for more information 
        "We’ve partially processed your product updates"Some of the products you are trying to update do not yet exist in your Product CatalogPlease see the Importing your Product Catalog article for more information
        "The data is uploaded but is incorrect"The same product ID may appear more than once in the CSV file. The data from the last entry is used.Remove duplicate data and re-upload the product.
        "We failed to group your product. Please make sure that all the data provided is according to the requirements" A group name can only contain up to 100 characters. This error indicates that the group name you chose has over 100 charactersShorten/change the group name
        "Failed to validate import file"The file wasn't saved as a Comma Separated SheetMake sure to select the correct file formatting when saving the file. For more information, click here
        CSV file errors
        • Trailing spaces in product specification values are automatically stripped.
        • Any combination of leading zeros (“0”), leading spaces, and leading dashes (“-“) are automatically stripped from the product specification values.
        • Product specification values support alphanumeric (a...z, A...Z, 0...9), "_" and "-" characters only.
        • Product specifications values are case-sensitive.
        • Product tags cannot contain commas.
        • An “N/A” value for product specifications is invalid in any case and is ignored

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