Using the Content Library

      Using the Content Library

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        The Yotpo Email Content Library makes it easy for any user to customize, save and re-use specific email sections. You can choose from headers, footers, banners, product recommendations, Loyalty blocks, and make them your own! This article will walk you through browsing, editing, and saving content in the Content Library. 

        Before you start

        Before you start designing your content, you’ll first need to create an email marketing campaign. Learn how to create a campaign.

        Getting started with the Content Library

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Campaigns > My Campaigns.
        2. Click Create campaign, select Email, and click Create campaign.
        3. From the email campaign editor, click Edit Content in the Email Content section. 
        4. Click on the Content tab and expand the Content Library

        Browsing the Content gallery

        The Content Library is divided into two tabs - Saved content and Content gallery. The Content gallery is where you will find all of our customizable templates. You can choose from various headers, footers, banners, products, and Loyalty sections. To find the right one for you, scroll through the gallery or make your search easier by filtering the templates or using the search bar.

        Customizing and saving content

        Once you've chosen the section you wish to add, simply drag it and drop it into your email. Now you can customize it by using the editor. Make it your own! Choose colors that fit your brand, replace images, and use your voice. Don't forget you can personalize your campaign with the help of personalization tags

        Once you are done customizing your section, you can save it as a template for your next campaigns! Hover over the block and click on the Save to library button.

        Name your content block, give it a description, choose a category, and add tags so you can find it quickly next time. When you're ready, click Save.

        Important to know
        You can also save content you created from scratch, not just customized templates. Make sure the arrangement of blocks you wish to save is on the same stripe.

        Re-using saved content

        After you've saved a couple of content blocks, you can easily access them from the Saved content tab. You can browse it just like you browse through the Content gallery, using the filters and the search bar.

        Next steps

        Once you finish with the Content Library, you can continue designing your campaign or add a discount.

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