Using the SMS Campaign Planner

      Using the SMS Campaign Planner

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        SMS & Email
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        It helps you:

        • Stay on top of key calendar dates and never miss an opportunity to engage with your audience
        • Choose among various pre-built templates with actionable copy and send high-converting messages 
        • Map out your upcoming SMS campaigns through built-in scheduling suggestions

        How to use the Campaign Planner

        Go to your Yotpo SMS & Email Dashboard, click on Campaigns → Campaign Planner and you now have a quick overview of all important calendar events in the next few weeks. 

        SMS Campaign Planner

         Each event recommendation comes with a date, a short description, and a few category tags to quickly decide whether it is a suitable occasion for your brand to send an SMS campaign related to this day or not. 


        SMS Campaign Planner

        When you hover on a date of your choice you’ll see a sample SMS template - ready to be used! Choose an event and click on the Customize & schedule button below:

        SMS Campaign Planner

         Let’s say you want to send a Halloween-themed campaign.

        Just click on the Halloween event from the Campaign Planner and you’ll be taken to a new tab where you’ll see the pre-built campaign draft - almost ready to be sent.

        The campaign name will be pre-filled based on the selected event, so you just have to choose a target audience.

        SMS Campaign Planner

         The copy of the message is already pre-set with the Halloween-themed template. 

        SMS Campaign Planner

        You can leave it as it is, or customize it to better fit your brand voice and personality. 


        if you are offering a special deal or a discount, don’t forget to quickly set it up from the menu below: simply click on Set up and select the type and amount of the discount you want to offer.

        SMS Campaign Planner

        The campaign is scheduled to be sent out on a certain date and time, with a pre-selected “Send based on customers’ timezone” checkbox, but you can always adjust those settings, according to your preferences.

        SMS Campaign Planner

        As always, you can send yourself a test message, or preview and send the campaign!

        This was our quick tutorial on how to use the SMS Campaign Planner. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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