Volusion: Advanced Automatic Review Request Installation

      Volusion: Advanced Automatic Review Request Installation


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        Using the basic installation, your password is valid for only 90 days. Due to that you’ll need to remake the steps in this manual each time your password changes and enter the newly encrypted password. If you would like to set a permanent password, so that you don't have to update it every 90 days, please follow these steps:

        You will need to create an admin user for the sole purpose of the automatic review request feature. As long as you won’t use this user to login to your admin panel, its password will always remain valid.

        1. In your Admin Panel go to Customers > Accounts.
        2. Click Add.
        3. Fill out the following fields:
          • Access key with the value Administrator
          • E-mail Address with an email not already used (this email doesn’t have to be valid)
          • Password with a password of your choice
        4. Click Save.
        5. Go to Inventory > Import / Export.
        6. Click Volusion API.
        7. Click Get Help.
        8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Volusion API Integration Help.
        9. Click URL with Query String and General Information for Importing and Exporting and copy the Login and EncryptedPassword attributes to your Yotpo Admin settings.

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