WooCommerce: Uninstalling Yotpo Reviews

      WooCommerce: Uninstalling Yotpo Reviews

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        If you want to uninstall Yotpo from your store, you need to follow these steps:

        1. Disable Automatic Review Requests.
        2. Disable Yotpo email notifications.
        3. Remove the Yotpo app.
        4. Contact Yotpo Support team with a request to deactivate your account.

        1. Disable the Automatic Review Requests

        1. Log in to your Yotpo Account.
        2. Click Collect Reviews.
        3. Click Automatic Review Requests.
        4. Switch off the toggle next to Review Request Emails Disabled.
        5. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen.

        2. Disable notifications within the Yotpo Admin

        1. Log into Yotpo Reviews.
        2. Click on  (On the top right).
        3. Select Account Settings.
        4. Click on Email Preferences.
        5. Disable each notification you do not wish to receive.
        6. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

        3. Remove Yotpo from your WooCommerce site

        1. Access your WordPress admin.
        2. Click on Plugins.
        3. Click the uninstall next to Yotpo Reviews for WooCommerce.

        4. Deactivate your Yotpo Account

        To prevent additional emails (review requests, etc.) from being sent to your customers, please contact Yotpo's Support Team with a request to deactivate your account.

        Make sure to let the Support team know whether you have already uninstalled the Yotpo app from your site.

        If you would like to access the account in the future, you can do so by using your current credentials.

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