Working with Your Brand Kit

      Working with Your Brand Kit

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        Apply your brand’s look and feel across email campaigns, templates, and more. Manage your store’s brand assets in one place to maintain a consistent theme, and when you need to make adjustments, apply them all at once with a click of a button.

        How it works

        The brand kit automatically pulls in your store’s theme settings, including colors, fonts, logo, etc. In your brand kit, you can make changes to the settings pulled in from your store, and save your brand kit with the updated settings.

        Please note:
        To pull theme settings automatically, your store must be using a Themes by Shopify themes type. You can still use the brand kit if you’re using a different theme type, however, you will need to set up your brand kit manually.

        Your brand kit settings will apply to new email campaigns and templates, and shortly, to additional products and elements, such as subscription forms, and more. You can also apply your brand kit to individual draft campaigns.

        Updating your brand kit

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Settings > Brand Kit. Your brand settings are categorized into different sections. 
        2. After you update any settings, click Save to save your changes.
        Please note:
        You’ll be able to change individual settings for a campaign or template in the email editor.


        In the General tab, you can find settings that will be applied to multiple products or elements in Yotpo SMS & Email. As you update settings, the email preview updates dynamically.

        • Logo - Your logo will appear in emails, and shortly, in additional places. Use your logo pulled in from Shopify or upload a different logo. Use a  PNG, JPG, or GIF format up to 3 MB.
        • Colors - Use or update colors in your emails. 
        • Buttons - Use or update the button settings for your emails. These include colors, border width, and rounded corners.


        Update settings specifically for emails:

        • Menu items - Add, remove, or update menu items that appear in your email
        • Social media - Add, remove, or update social channels that appear in your email


        Select the default and fallback fonts for your emails. Learn more about managing fonts and adding custom fonts.

        Applying the brand kit to a campaign or template

        When you’re editing your email in the email editor, you can easily apply your brand kit by clicking on the icon shown below. Alternatively, you can open the brand kit to customize it.

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