Wunderkind - Integration Guide for Yotpo SMS & Email

      Wunderkind - Integration Guide for Yotpo SMS & Email

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        The integration between Wunderkind and Yotpo SMS & Email allows you to capture Email & SMS subscribers from Wunderkind pop-ups and on-site engagement tools. Once captured, the integration triggers a welcome SMS to the new subscribers. You can then add the new subscribers to lists in SMS & Email for subsequent campaigns. Wunderkind’s SMS capture tools are built to be compliant and help capture as many email and SMS subscribers as possible. 

        About Wunderkind

        Wunderkind is a one-to-one performance marketing engine that delivers tailored onsite experiences and sends behaviorally-triggered emails to individuals at scale. Wunderkind powers solutions for email and text marketing, on-site lead capture, and retargeting ads.

        Integrating Yotpo SMS & Email and Wunderkind

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Audience > Collect Subscribers.
        2. Click Show all tools, and select Embedded Form.  
        3. Give your form a name such as Wunderkind 1, and publish the form. In the pop-up, you will see an embedded form code, for example:

        4. Find the form_ID (digits only) and copy it. In the example above the form ID is 131288, but each form you create will have its own unique ID.
        5. Share the form ID with your Wunderkind CSM, and ask them to send your SMS subscribers to Yotpo SMS & Email.

        Once your Wunderkind CSM confirms the integration is active, SMS & Email will receive subscribers, together with their phone number, country, and capture source (form ID). Any SMS & Email flows or automations you created for subscribers using this form will be sent accordingly.

        Need help?

        Contact Wunderkind support at strategicalliances@wunderkind.co.

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