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        Sync your store activity to Yotpo and leverage UGC and loyalty data throughout your store with our comprehensive collection of APIs.

        What you can do:

        • Sync your store activity and related information to Yotpo
        • Leverage Yotpo UGC data in your store
        • Integrate loyalty & referrals into your store
        • Build a publicly available app on the Yotpo platform and become a Yotpo technology partner

        Keep track of changes and upgrades to Yotpo APIs in our API changelog.

        Sync your store activity to Yotpo

        Sync your products, orders, collections, customers, and other store information required to configure Yotpo products. The Core API enables you to sync data from your store to Yotpo Reviews, Yotpo Visual UGC, and Yotpo SMS & Email.

        Key endpoints:

        See the full documentation.

        Leverage Yotpo UGC data

        Retrieve data on reviews, products, users, and much much more! The UGC API enables you to share UGC data with Reviews and Visual UGC.
        Key endpoints:

        See the full documentation.

        Integrate Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals

        Expand your loyal customer base by rewarding shoppers for completing different actions.

        The Loyalty & Referrals API enables you to engage your customers in various ways and then reward them with points and discounts.

        Key endpoints:

        • Integrate loyalty marketing email into your ESP by letting customers know that they earned points, rewards, etc. See endpoints.
        • Send Yotpo orders, refunds, and customer data from your custom store to enjoy the benefits of a full loyalty and referrals program. See endpoints.
        • Showcase available redemption options and allows customers to use them when shopping at your POS. See endpoints.

        See the full documentation.

        Build a publicly available app

        Become a Yotpo technology partner. The App Developer API enables you to build apps on the Yotpo platform.


        • Build an integration with a service desk, CDP, or CRM. See the toolkit
        • Integrate reviews, ratings, visual user-generated content (UGC), and loyalty data into your marketing communication tools, including email, SMS, Messenger, and ads. See the toolkit.
        • Incorporate star ratings and top reviews into smart product recommendations and search results to increase click-through rates and engagement. See the toolkit.

        To get started, refer to our welcome guide.

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