About Bounced and Skipped Emails

      About Bounced and Skipped Emails

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        When your email fails to reach a recipient, it is considered a bounced email. Bounced emails can be divided into 2 groups: hard bounces and soft bounces. Skipped emails do not get sent due to predefined rules and conditions, explained below.

        Bounced emails

        Bounced emails can be divided into 2 groups: hard bounces and soft bounces.

        Hard bounces

        When an email is permanently rejected, it is considered a hard bounce. Reasons for hard bounces can include one or more of the following: 

        • The email address is invalid
        • The email address doesn’t exist
        • The email server has blocked delivery

        Hard-bounced emails can damage your deliverability.

        Soft bounces

        If an email reaches the recipient’s email server but is rejected temporarily, it is considered a soft bounce. Reasons for soft bounces can include one or more of the following:

        • The recipient’s mailbox is full
        • The email server is down or not found
        • The message is too large
        • An auto-reply/vacation message is enabled
        • The server is blocking emails because:
          • The email includes specific content
          • DMARC for authentication requirements are not met
          • Anti-spam requirements are not met
          • Anti-virus requirements are not met
        • The domain does not exist

        An email that was soft bounced can be delivered in the future if it is sent again and the conditions that blocked it are no longer relevant.

        Soft-bounced emails can damage your deliverability.

        To reduce the number of soft bounces in your campaigns, by default, we’ve excluded soft-bounced subscribers from the last 7 days.

        Keep in mind that after 4 consecutive soft bounces, emails to the recipient will be suppressed. This will happen only if the reason for bouncing is not server or domain-related.

        Skipped emails

        An email is skipped when Yotpo does not attempt to send it. Skipped emails do not harm your deliverability as the system prevents them from being sent to the ESP (Email Service Provider).

        Please note:
        You will not be charged for skipped emails.

        The reasons behind skipped emails are one or more of the following:


        Emails can be rejected due to the following:

        • spam complaints
        • the recipient unsubscribed
        • additional reasons, for example, invalid email addresses


        Stopped emails are not sent because the merchant manually stopped the campaign.


        Suppressed emails are not sent:

        • because they were hard bounced, for example, when the recipient's inbox can't be reached
        • when a recipient's domain has been determined as non-existent

        Restricted stores

        Emails are not sent to stores that have been listed as suspected scammers. Yotpo determines potential scammers based on various criteria. A store can be removed from the list.  

        Smart Sending

        Our Smart Sending feature limits the number of messages that can be sent to subscribers in a set time period, so as not to send too many messages.

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